Formation of Fossil Fuels

So why are fossil fuels such a powerful, but ultimately problematic, source of energy? ♪ Conditions on the waterways of today’s Louisiana help us understand how fossil fuels are made and why they’re ultimately unsustainable. Oil, coal and natural gas are made from things, mostly plants, that lived and died long ago. It’s taken hundreds […]

Lightbulbs in the Desert (Powering the Planet)

Narrator: Planet Earth is awash in renewable energy. The oceans store heat and offer wave and tidal power. Plants harvest sunlight and store its energy. The Sun warms the atmosphere and sets air in motion, and we’re getting better at tapping wind power. But the biggest and most promising energy source is the nearby star […]

Powering the Planet (Full program)

Male Narrator: Earth’s population has now passed seven billion. And world energy consumption is projected to increase more than 25% during the next 15 years, and may nearly double by the year 2050. But how much energy we need, and how we get it, depends on choices we make now. And those energy choices have […]

ENERGY QUEST USA (full program)

Male Narrator: Americans used to rely on animal power for transportation and to carry goods from place to place. And oil from whales to light our evenings. Today it’s gasoline and motor vehicles, and vast amounts of electricity to light our cities and power our economy. But one study claims that Americans spend just six […]