Apsuboard V3 Review – The cheapest (but good) electric skateboard?

This video is sponsored by Shredlights. Back in 2018, we saw the first wave of budget electric skateboards. Retailing below $400, the typical budget electric skateboard back then was raw but serviceable. In the past 3 year however, we have seen that their quality has improved, and the price slowly hiked. Today, most budget boards […]

Alien Biosphere Evolution #6: Size and the Modularity of Life

When it comes to the evolution of life on Earth or other planets the general rule is that: Probabilities decrease with increasing specificity. The more specific a life form, the less likely it is that it will evolve naturally. A humanoid being, for instance, though often the staple of science fiction, may actually be relatively […]

Bioplastics from sugar beets – BLOOM Bioeconomy

Biomass is everywhere. I am surrounded by all kinds of plants and fields and all this green nature around me is what we call “biomass”. On the Bloom project we look into new technologies and innovations of the so-called bioeconomy. In this episode, I am on my journey to find out how it is possible […]

Ameriwood Home Carson Electric Fireplace review

Ameriwood Home Carson Electric Fireplace Review A modern, sleek TV and console unit with a realistic electric fire that has dual control, so you can use it with or without heat. Its LED flame effects are way more realistic than on other models, and it has plenty of storage space for DVDs, consoles and your […]

Northwest Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted Color Changing LED Fire and Ice Flames

Northwest 54-inch Fire and Ice Electric Fireplace Review A wall-mounted electric fireplace with color-changing LED flame display that’ll be the focal point of your room for all the right reasons. It glows with blue and orange flames, has decent features like a timer and remote control, and although it doesn’t give off a tonne of […]

Pigeon FAVOURITE Electric Kettle | Unboxing, Usage and Water boiling Time test | Hindi Video

Welcome back friends We are going to unbox today a Electric Kettle which is purchased from Flipkart i was waiting for the deal on this and now i have purchased these two one for us and another for my brother i paid 500 bucks for this lets see how much MRP is inside the box […]

Principal Place Uses KNX for Energy Efficient Lighting and Room Control | Schneider Electric

Principal Tower is a brand. It’s a residential development that was created to spearhead hotel style living in London. We look to give our residents a sense of community, security, and comfort. We have employed and installed various systems and techniques within the building. My name is Daniel Jordaan. And I’m the general manager here […]

COVID-19 Update #9 – Electricity Relief and Financial Assistance. Please Share.

Good afternoon Kingston – This is a very challenging time for so many Kingstonians. Over the last number of days, I’ve heard from many residents asking about what assistance can be offered for utilities payments and hydro costs. Well earlier today the province announced that it is suspending time of use electricity rates for the […]

Natureboy What Would Star Call What You Did For Herβ“β“β“πŸ€”

hey guys back with another one I don’t remember if I had said in the last video I did today I will be doing alive today at 12:00 noon which will be on March 19 which is Thursday so make sure you guys show up for that live because I would love to discuss with […]

Solar Light – Natural Swag

Hey everybody welcome to another episode of Fired Up TV I am David “Big Daddy” Addi from Fired up Promotions where we IGNITE your marketing and FIRE you up On today’s episode of Fired Up TV we are gonna talk about the “Luci” light one of the hottest products for 2020 the Luci light is […]