Plugging Into the Future | DuPont Full Feature Film – Energy Security in China

00:00:16:17, 00:00:26:03 >>ELLEN KULLMAN: WIth growing population, whether you live in a rural part of a country or in a city, you want energy for your home, for transportation, for communication. 00:00:26:04, 00:00:33:10 >>LI JUNFENG: In 1982, China consumed around 500 million tons, now it’s close to 3.7 billion tons of standard coal. 00:00:33:11, 00:00:39:02 […]

China Solar Energy | DuPont Chapter 1 – Plugging Into the Future

00:00:07:07, 00:00:12:00 >>JIN LI-CONG: I study at Peking University, College of Engineering, Center for New Energy Systems. 00:00:12:20, 00:00:14:22 >>JIN LI-CONG: This is the third year of my doctoral program. 00:00:16:06, 00:00:20:07 >>JIN LI-CONG: As a student, I chose to study renewable energy because I think it’s a good career path. 00:00:21:20, 00:00:26:00 >>JIN LI-CONG: […]