Energy: A world without fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels have powered the UK for over 400 years and are predictable, reliable sources that supply our energy just when we need it. Today, coal, oil and gas provide 85% of our energy. But these sources take millions of years to form and we’re using them very quickly. What’s more, burning them produces carbon […]

The How, Why, and How Much of Oil

This is a barrel of crude oil. It holds about 42 U.S. gallons or about 159 liters. Each day, the world consumes 88 million of them. 19 million of which are used right here in the U.S. of A. For 150 years now, we’ve been living in a petroleum world. Most experts agree… …that over […]

Gastivists: Stopping A Fossil Fuel Lock-In

We need to talk. Because there is something that people aren’t talking about enough…. Gas. Some people call it “Natural Gas” but gas is about 95% methane, which is a greenhouse gas and a fossil fuel, so we call it “fossil gas”. Gas comes from drilling deep into the ground and sometimes requires fracking to […]

Natural Gas: A Bridge to Disaster

Natural Gas Washington Natural Gas! Natural Gas! Gas saves you money! When you look at natural gas companies you see that they’ll be called things like “Clean Energy, LLC” “Green Energy, LLC” and you think they’re a renewable company but they’re selling natural gas. And they get to do that because there’s such a general […]

“An Elegant Transition: Leaving Fossil Fuels Behind” by Winona LaDuke

This presentation is brought to you by Arizona State University’s Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, and a generous investment by Julie Ann Wrigley. I don’t need to give you the lecture on climate change. But this is this moment. And in our prophecies, we talk about this as the Time of the Seventh […]

Drop Green Energy For ‘Real’ Energy

speaking of a conservative think tanks as the manhattan institute manhattan nations to dot org and diana first got brought is with us is a senior fellow at the manhattan institute and what about the program greatly radio you wrote a piece suggesting that president obama uh… specifically i’m assuming that you really mean congress […]

Google and Amazon are now in the oil business

On Earth Day 2019, Google posted this video about the “urgency of radically addressing climate change in the next decade.” This is Kate Brandt, she used to be Obama’s chief sustainability officer. Now she works to make Google a global leader in “reducing or even eliminating our dependence on raw materials or fossil fuels.” Google’s […]

Where Does All Our Oil Come From?

We all know about oil drilling, but there are way more ways to get fossil fuels. Let’s DRINK THAT MILKSHAKE! Fossil fuels are a worldwide essential resource. We use coal, petroleum, natural gas, propane, diesel, kerosene and so on for manufacturing, fuel, power, heat… Honestly, they’re part of almost everything we do every day. Fossil […]

Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground | Bernie Sanders

Let me be very honest with you. I have got four kids and I have seven beautiful grandchildren, and I intend to do everything that I can to make certain that the planet that we leave all of the children of this world is a planet that is healthy, is a planet that is habitable, […]

How to fuel the future | The Economist

Oil moves the world around and creates powerful countries. Oil is such a vital commodity that it provoked wars throughout the 20th century. The few countries that produce it try to keep control of it to ensure its riches stay at home. Those who do not have it, strive to get it. In the 1930s, […]