Flash Crash 2010 – VPRO documentary – 2011

Erdogan builds thousands of dams, why? – In Turkey

The Middle East is in turmoil, Europe closes its shutters… …and the country in between looks both ways. We think we know this country well, but it’s changing rapidly. in Turkey Go ahead. the drowned village Before the dam was built, our house was on the other side. Over there? – Yes, our village was […]

Breakthrough in renewable energy – VPRO documentary

the world had made a deal in December the world leaders came to an agreement to stop climate change world leaders congratulated each other because lengthy negotiations had finally resulted in the decision to prevent a catastrophic warming of the earth a political victory but was it this story tells us why now after 20 […]

How green energy will change our future – Docu

We’re going to hold a procession through the city centre of Leeuwarden. We’re going to say goodbye to all kinds of machines that don’t belong there. The petrol leaf blower, or a gas stove. They have no place in the future. We’re taking them all on this final journey to thank them for services rendered. […]