– [Narrator] The Coronavirus has changed everyday life as we know it. – The healthcare system really is struggling to keep up with demand. There are makeshift hospital wards being set up wherever possible, even in hospital car parks. – I know that some people in the last few days have already lost their jobs. […]

Chase Bank Sit-In With Jane Fonda: Stop The Money Pipeline

BILL MCKIBBEN: Hello there can we speak to the manager please. MANAGER:Yes I’m the manager Bill McKibben. MANAGER: Nice to meet you MCKIBBEN: This is Reverend Lenox. REVEREND LENNOX YEARWOOD: Nice to meet you. MCKIBBEN: So we’re representing a whole coalition of environmental groups and Chase is as you know the biggest funder of fossil […]

PRO-Atom-Klimademo am AKW Philippsburg am 29.12.2019

Hello dear climate protectors In few monts, Germany will replace the nuclear power plant Philippsburg 2 with the new coal-fired power plant Datteln 4. You might know that nuclear power plants are on par in co2 balance sheet somewhere between wind and solar energy I have made a video about it in the past and […]

Deep Decarbonization of the Italian Power System : What about Nuclear? (ENG SUB)

MONTICONE: I’ve noticed that both in your presentation and in your books, which I’ve read and appreciated a lot, you tend to focus very much on the demand side : lower consumption, higher efficiency, heat pumps, thermal insulation for buildings, vegetarian diet and so on. Well, for the past five months or so I’ve been […]