Download To Your Brain? — Mind Blow #109

A new thin film of quantum dots covers glass and transforms windows into solar panels. The dots have a lifespan of 14 years and right now they’re trying to raise their energy conversion efficiency from 1.9% to a more practical 6%. And Kengoro is a biohumanoid robot from the University of Tokyo that cools itself […]

Volkswagen TDI Diesel Nuclear Storage Facility

In Satsop, Washington towering unfinished monuments stand to 1980s hubris and mismanagement two Nuclear plants never completed, multibillion-dollar failures. The shadows of these monuments are now piled with the remains of today’s hubris and mis-management, thousands and thousands of nearly new Volkswagen turbo diesel cars with fraudulent emission software, repurchased from their owners, stored as […]

Solar-Powered Prefab Shipping Container Home | Tiny House Interiors

Solar-Powered Prefab Shipping Container Home Solar-Powered Prefab Shipping Container Home was designed to accommodate a growing family. It offers both private and common spaces that can be easily expanded by adding more containers to the existing ones. Repurposed materials were used throughout the house, from wood siding made from reclaimed shipping pallets to carpeting made […]

How to Make Solar Powered Phone Charger under 5$ || Free Energy Charger

Solar Panel From Local Electronics Store Charging Pin With Wires Strpped at Other End

Puerto Rico Moves Forward: Innovative Energy Solutions after Hurricane Maria

Juan Rosario: This is a moment in which we know there is going to be a paradigm shift. Science right now is on our side. Efraín O’neil-Carrillo: The centralized large power plants that Puerto Rico has, did not suffer really much damage. So, it wasn’t a problem of generating the power, it was a matter […]

Nuclear Power: It’s About Community

This is Byron, Illinois – where Byron Nuclear Power Station is. We’re in the middle of corn country – there’s a lot of small communities around here. This place employs hundreds of technical jobs – people from Byron, people from Oregon, from Sterling, from Rock Falls, from all the surrounding communities and it’s supported these […]


welcome all of u. this is run of type hydropower. where different component is present. whats phenomenon in ror hydropower. we have to show the certain mechanism of hydropower production.this is model of hydropower which is not in scale. we are from kwopa engineering college where we have my fren abin sing damdor karki laxuman […]

Japan may have to dump radioactive Fukushima water into sea: Environment minister

Strong backlash is expected from Japan’s neighbors, following a controversial remark by a Japanese official, who claimed that there is no other way to dispose radioactive water leaks from the Fukushima power plant other than to discharge them in the ocean. According to local media, Japanese Environment Minister Yoshiaki Harada told reporters on Tuesday that […]

S. Korea seeks international cooperation to deal with radioactive Fukushima water

Amid growing concerns that Japan might discharge contaminated water from its wrecked Fukushima power plant into the ocean,… South Korea is taking the issue to the international level to find the best possible solution. Meanwhile, Tokyo’s foreign ministry claims no decision has been made on how to dispose of the wastewater. Kim Min-ji updates us […]