Q&A: Dyson’s Singapore electric car plan

So one of the main reasons is that Singapore is part of the Asean trading bloc, which has a free trade agreement with China, which is the world’s largest automotive market. And clearly, Dyson sees that as a target for its sales. Dyson already manufactures all its domestic appliances in Asia, and it has a […]

Electric cars — time to buy one?

The race is on between the past and the future. Electric cars are fast becoming a serious option for replacing traditional petrol or diesel. But is now the right time to buy one? We’re going to show you some of the benefits and the drawbacks of the current generation of battery-powered cars. And we’re going […]

Lilium launches city travel electric air taxi

[MUSIC PLAYING] DANIEL WIEGAND: We’re creating a new means of transportation. So Lilium is not a company that develops airplanes. Lilium is a mobility service. It’s an airborne mobility service, but it’s a service company. The product we finally sell to you as a customer is a service. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Sark: how electricity sparked Channel island crisis

There was a time when somebody wanted to tarmac roads and the street, lights, and thought it’d be wonderful for us. But that’s not the way that the local people think. They’ve lived on the island for 450 years, manage very nicely. We don’t really need it. The island of Sark in the English Channel […]