Energy 101: Fuel Cell Technology

We all live in a modern world—a world full of technologies that looked completely futuristic just a generation ago. Those modern, futuristic devices that help get us through the day all use energy, and to supply all of that energy, we need fuel. Today, the technology around generating clean renewable energy is evolving about as […]

Charge Your Cell Phone In 5 Seconds

Renewable Energy: Fuel Cell Model

[long note] – [Thomas Jenkins] What I’d like to demonstrate today is something called a fuel cell. You’ve probably heard a lot about it in the news, but a fuel cell is a device that will take hydrogen gas and convert that into electricity. But it doesn’t burn the hydrogen. The hydrogen is not burned […]

Converting Carbon dioxide (CO2) into Formic acid using solar power.

Global warming is being caused by rising levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide (Co2). Research to reduce this Global warming, usually involves three areas: First, Developing alternative energy sources, Second, capturing and storing greenhouse gases, and Third one, repurposing excess greenhouse gases. By addressing two of these 3 things, researchers at Princeton […]

Why Haven’t Hydrogen Vehicles Taken Over the World Yet?

We were expecting hydrogen cars to take over the world years ago, but so far, we’ve got more Prius’ and Teslas. What happened to the fanfare for the car that runs on water, man? It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about hydrogen cars, seemingly because the market wasn’t ready to look past it’s […]

Solar Power in the Dark – Avner Rothschild Technion

the solar cells we have today they generate electricity while the sun is shining you will not have energy at nighttime or when there are clouds so you need to find a way to store some of the solar energy for use on demand the technology we develop does exactly that by structuring ultra-thin iron […]