Business Scene: Pesticides and Fukushima

This is Business Scene. I’m Ira Mellman. Thailand edged closer to banning glyphosate and two other controversial pesticides despite protests from farmers in a multi-billion-dollar agriculture industry aiming to be the “kitchen of the world”. Agriculture employs 40 percent of Thailand’s population, and the Southeast Asian country is one of the world’s leading rice and […]

Fukushima : bilan environnemental 8 ans après la catastrophe

Since 2011, we have been studying the redistribution of radioactive fallout on the soils of Fukushima. And in 2013, the Japanese authorities set up a landscape decontamination program. Numerous studies have quantified the effectiveness of these different decontamination methods. The idea of the bibliographic overview that we have just published was precisely to evaluate the […]

Onagawa power plant given green light by Japan’s nuclear watchdog to restart reactor

Japan’s Onagawa nuclear power plant,… which was damaged along with Fukushima in the massive 2011 earthquake and tsunami,… has been given the green light by Japanese regulators to restart its reactor. Lee Seung-jae reports. It’s been more than eight years since an enormous magnitude-9-point-oh earthquake and tsunami sparked the Fukushima nuclear disaster. However, all these […]

Seoul calls on Japan to disclose current status of water contamination

South Korea China and Japan met at the tripartite environment ministers meeting in Qatar Kyushu Japan over the weekend where Seoul called on Tokyo to disclose the current status of the contaminated water caused by the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster South Korea’s Environment Minister Jo Myung BAE sat down Sunday with his Japanese counterpart […]

Part II – ‘Question marks on nuclear energy post Fukushima’ – A Gopalakrishnan

Coming back to the issue of nuclear renaissance which has been talked about- it is already collapsing because of the economics of nuclear power; that’s a separate issue, but do you think that this accident will really make people rethink two issues? One is the extension of the life of those nuclear reactors, which are […]

Inside Fukushima: What Happened After the Nuclear Disaster?

It’s… It’s surreal. To walk through a town that was once so full of life now slowly being consumed by nature, half of it hidden away behind barricades in a contaminated ‘no-go’ zone. As you walk past degraded houses with shattered windows, overgrown shop-fronts and collapsing shrines, you start to put it all together like […]

A Radioactive Chat with Robert Peter Gale

Ok so, here we are with doctor Robert Peter Gale who was on the faculty of UCLA, and he is currently on the Medical Staff and is Visiting Professor of Haematology at the Imperial College London. He is on the editorial boards of several scientific journals including Lancet, Annals of Internal Medicine, Journal of Clinical […]

Inspectors find 41 cracks in the grounds of Fukushima nuclear plant: local media

dozens of cracks have been found in facilities built to contain radiation at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant tokyo-based your young Eurasian one reported Sunday that’s 41 cracks were found in the plants concrete floor it says Tokyo Electric Power Company appears to have neglected their facilities with inspectors having discovered weeds growing through the concrete […]

41 cracks found in facilities built to contain radiation at Fukushima plant: Report

now dozens of cracks have been discovered in facilities built to contain radiation in Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant while the Japanese government says it’s safe problems are continuing to sprout up in the area leaving many concerned about the ongoing threat of contamination re MJ has more this is the Fukushima nuclear power plant that […]

Fukushima – 7 Years Later | Driving through Fukushima | Fukushima Nuclear Disaster | Japan

On March 11, 2011 disaster struck Fukushima, Japan After an earthquake, a tsunami hit Okuma – the location of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. After the earthquake, the working reactors automatically shut down, but power was lost to the remainder of the control systems. Typically, emergency generators would have kicked in to supply power back to […]