What If You Were Hit By a Nuclear Bomb?

Nuclear weapons are the most powerful and destructive weapons that mankind has invented. With thousands of nuclear weapons currently stockpiled by a number of countries around the world, there is more than enough destructive power out there to end all life on the planet many times over. We’ve been lucky to avoid all out nuclear […]


Giant cardboard robot arms, and eyelashes for your car. It’s episode 14 of Lüt. This optical mouse transforms into a mechanical beast that can battle your pig-shaped desk vacuum. Be sure to team it up with this USB flashdrive. And here’s a Chinese farmer who grows pears inside molds so they wind up looking like […]

How A Massive Dam in China Slowed the Earth’s Rotation

This video was made possible by Brilliant. Start learning with Brilliant for 20% off by being one of the first 200 to sign up at brilliant.org/HAI. China is just so dam crazy that the country has nine of the world’s twenty largest dams. They just love building big dams. Maybe because they make these fun […]

Pitching Your Wife – Part 2 – Convincing Your Wife to Buy a Tesla

– Welcome to part two of this three-part series on convincing your wife to let you buy a Tesla. Now it’s time to do our homework and really dig in and figure out what the key pieces are that are gonna help, kind of push her over the edge and convince her that this is […]

Touring a Nuclear Power Plant – EBR-1 – Arco, Idaho

Today we are touring a nuclear power plant. It’s really cool, so in my other dam videos the water pushes the turbine. Here the steam pushes the turbine. This is the very first spot that electricity was generated by nuclear power. This is one of the first lightbulbs, behind me, that was ever lit by […]

Ep 5. Our solar panel went for a swim (TAKING THE CHANCE)

On this episode we have our first international guests aboard Añejo we take down our sails ready for a repair and our solar panels arrived But one decides to go swimming you are off the line Hélène and… accident ! After a little misshape last week. Hélène went cleaning this apartment in exchange For our […]

Australia’s first electric jet ski

We’ve shown the first prototype of our electric jet ski and the next step for the REV Project because we’ve been converting electric cars for a number of years now. Everybody likes jet skis but then the course everybody hates just jet skis because of the pollution and noise and with this electric jet ski […]