China Made An Artificial Star 6 Times Hotter Than The Sun

Imagine if we could replace fossil fuels with our very own stars and No, we’re not talking about solar power We’re talking about nuclear fusion and recent research is helping us get there meet the experimental advanced superconducting tokamak East for short East is a fusion reactor in China and now it can reach temperatures […]

Earth To Mars In 100 Days? The Power Of Nuclear Rockets

The Solar System is a really big place, and it takes forever to travel from world to world with traditional chemical rockets. But one technique, developed back in the 1960s might provide a way to dramatically shorten our travel times: nuclear rockets. Of course, launching a rocket powered by radioactive material has its own risks […]

12 Year Old Boy Builds Working Nuclear Reactor

A boy built a nuclear reactor in his bedroom. His bedroom became a functioning laboratory. And no his name isn’t dexter. Welcome back to inform overload, the news channel for people who hate the news. I’m charlotte dobre, if this is your first time here, hit that subscribe for daily news updates that you’ll actually […]

NASA’s New Space Engine Is Powered by Nuclear Fission

From a technology standpoint, there’s not too many greater challenges than nuclear power in space. The physics involved in it is quite intense — it has that luster of something totally different. We start with that highly enriched core, the splitting of the atoms generates that heat that we need at the right power levels, […]