The Future of Nuclear Energy: Thorium or Uranium?

What is the future of energy? Like anything associated with the human experience, energy has a vibrantly colorful past, one that is virtually guaranteed to catalyze a new, and perhaps contentious way forward. Wood, a renewable biomass, was the first ever source of energy and continued to remain the preeminent basis of productivity in the […]

5 Renewable Energy Facts You Didn’t Know – 2017

Қайта жаңартылатын энергия көздері туралы сіз білмейтін 5 мәлімет Күн жолдары Ең алғашықы күн жолы 2016 жылдың Қыркүйегінде Францияда ашылды. Ұзындығы 1 километр жол көше көше шамдарына қуат бере алады. Көліктердің салмағын көтеру үшін күн панельдерінің үстіне бірнеше мөлдір материалдардың қабаттары салынады. Дәл қазір, әлем бойынша жүзден астам күн жолдарының проекттері дайындалып жатыр. Ластанған ауадан […]

Is Renewable Energy Just Fantasy? – Expo 2017 Astana

What if we could magic up energy? It’d be fantastic wouldn’t it? We can replace our unsightly power stations with grand wizard spires and why use coal? In this fantasy world we could use some sort of glowing purple crystal. Yeah that’s right! Just one of them could use its magical rays to send lightning […]

The Future of Wind Power? – Kite Power Systems

Over the past decade, renewable energy has grown from a niche idea that many were skeptical of to an energy source that delivers a significant part of our country’s power needs. Clean energy is now one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. Despite this continued growth, renewable energy generation in the United Kingdom fell by 1% […]

Top 10 INCREDIBLE Alternatives to Alternative ENERGY

10 Alternatives to Alternative Energy 10. Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT) Countries like China, the United States, Germany, Denmark, Spain and India produce over 175,000 MW of power with traditional wind turbines, but that number stands to double if they’re replaced with BATs. The technology is simple. Basically, a huge blimp with a wind turbine in […]