China Invests Big in Clean and Cheap Energy from Thorium – explainer video

After 60 years of development Atomic energy has become an important source of primary global energy 1971-2013 global electricity generation 2012 global primary energy: Coal 40.4% Natural gas 22.5% Hydroelectrity 16.2% Nuclear 10.9% Oil 5% Other (including renewable) 5% In the face of climate change and environmental pollution, solving the contradiction between survival and development […]

Breakthrough in renewable energy – VPRO documentary

the world had made a deal in December the world leaders came to an agreement to stop climate change world leaders congratulated each other because lengthy negotiations had finally resulted in the decision to prevent a catastrophic warming of the earth a political victory but was it this story tells us why now after 20 […]

Top 10 INCREDIBLE Alternatives to Alternative ENERGY

10 Alternatives to Alternative Energy 10. Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT) Countries like China, the United States, Germany, Denmark, Spain and India produce over 175,000 MW of power with traditional wind turbines, but that number stands to double if they’re replaced with BATs. The technology is simple. Basically, a huge blimp with a wind turbine in […]