Medial vermittelte Feindbilder und die Anschläge vom 11. September 2001 – Vortrag von Daniele Ganser

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I would like to extend a warm welcome to you all. I come from Switzerland, easy to hear from my accent I assume. It really is a difficult subject that we examine tonight together. It’s 13 years since the attacks took place and one has the feeling that now everything […]

3. When will we run out of fossil fuel? Part 1

[Music] Where does energy come from? From the hole in the wall. It’s how I charge my mobile telephone. Where does that energy come from? That comes from a power station, it travels along the wires from the power station and comes into the house. And where does the power station get its energy from? […]

Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good Protested for Blocking Solar!

Mic Check! Lynn Good: We won’t restrict your energy, but we will take some time What you lead is opposition to energy advance! You only care about leading with energy… …that can maintain your monopoly. Otherwise, why would Duke Energy… …oppose the Energy Freedom Act? The Republican-sponsored legislation… …that would let North Carolinians… …get affordable […]

Why It’s Time To Take On The Big Banks

Everyone knows that Exxon and Chevron and Shell are climate criminals. But there’s another name that belongs on that most wanted list, Chase Bank. You may think, ‘Why is bank a big driver of the climate crisis’? Well, let me tell you. Money is the oxygen on which the fires of global warming burn. If […]

MINI GOBAR GAS PLANT AT HOME | ചാണകത്തിൽനിന്നും പാചകവാതകം | M4 TECH |

Hi Friends, Welcome to M4 Tech. Today we’re going to make a Gobar Gas plant. Making cooking gas from cow dung is known as Gobar gas. What’s the difference between Gobar gas and Bio gas? If we make it from cow dung, it is Gobar gas. By using kitchen waste and some degradable waste if […]

XR A lawn unto themselves | The Mallen Baker Show

in this roundup of the week, Extinction Rebellion protests against damage to the environment by damaging the environment, a study suggests that the contribution to methane levels from fossil fuels is higher than previously thought, and the US Republicans’ climate plan gets push back from some of its own people as the latest Democratic candidates’ […]


hi everybody, in your opinion why the best automotive brands in the world are investing in the thermal engine again ? Do you think they’re right? maybe in this video we will talk aboutproblems between battery and thermal engine the purpose of this video is not to let you buy an electric car, in fact […]

How To SAVE 50% On Electric, Water And Gas Bills – Save Money

Hey there! How you doing? Do I feel far away? I’m only this big! Just that big, that’s it! Look at this art! It’s bigger than I am! But I like the art, So I hope you like the art too. I think they’re pretty neat. I think they’re pretty thought provoking. You’re joining me […]