Electricity Authority – Who we are

Electricity is essential to New Zealand homes, businesses and industries. Traditionally, electricity flows from generation, through transmission and local distribution networks, to where it’s used. Today, new and evolving technologies are changing the way people engage with electricity markets — they increasingly have more choice and control than ever before. They can store and sell […]

What Is a Power Plant?

Today, we’re going to look at what a Power Plant is, different types, and why automation is important in the Power Plant business. Here at RealPars, we love making videos that help you to discover new and exciting topics, so if you enjoy viewing this video as much as we enjoyed making it, click the […]

Izgradnja male hidroelektrane Bočac 2 / Construction of MHPP Bočac 2

Each new kilowatt of renewable energy is a step forward to implementation of global indicators for energetic sustainability. This is the reason a Mini Hydro-Power Plant Bočac 2, with 10 MW of installed power, is a new pearl in the network of Elektroprivreda of the Republic of Srpska. Mini Hydro-Power Plant Bočac 2 is located […]

Electricity, its sources, renewable and non renewable.Science for kids.

Hello Everyone, Today we are going to talk about electricity. Stop for a moment and look around. You will surely see electricity in action. From the cable charging your computer, to the bulbs lighting up your room, to the kettle that heated your hot chocolate: Electricity is a key part of our lives. However, it […]

M-Trigen Energy Independence From Concept to Reality

Energy Independence from concept to reality what if you could have total control over your own power system that allows you to be completely independent of the electric grid? what if this power system will supply all of your power heating and cooling requirements and do it more efficiently and at a fraction of the […]