How Solar Storms Affect Life on Earth

Did you know that there are terminator events in the life of our sun that can spawn a solar tsunami – colossal and super-fast waves of pure burning plasma making the magnetic poles of the sun go bonkers and literally flip? Sounds scary! So scary in fact, I couldn’t resist learning more about it so […]

Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme – Behind the News

On 17 October 1949 huge blasts marked the beginning of one of the world’s biggest engineering projects – the Snowy Mountains Electric Scheme. The government’s plan was to use all the melting snow up here by directing all of that water into rivers and through huge turbines. That’s called hydroelectricity. Some of the water was […]

What Would It Take To Go 100% Solar?

The earth is in trouble. Well actually no that’s inaccurate really the earth is fine It’s humans that are in trouble. As our society expands so does our dependence on fossil fuels. And aside from the fact that using these increases the heat absorption in the atmosphere causing global climate to shift there may actually […]