Zhirinovsky: No gas, Russian tourists and nuclear power plant for Turkey anymore!

-The incident with destruction of the Russian military plane should be qualified as a military attack on Russia. -Because this plane belongs to Russia, and this is our pilot. -Of course there will be the most severe consequences. -We must interrupt all economic connections! So Turkey will be left without energy! -Without gas! Without nuclear […]

How the Saudis ended up with so many American weapons

On August 9, 2018 a fighter jet dropped a bomb on this street in Dahyan, Yemen. It exploded here, near a busy marketplace. Killing 40 children on a school bus. The plane was from a coalition led by Saudi Arabia. They have conducted thousands of airstrikes in Yemen since 2015 – many aimed at civilian […]

How serious is China about its renewable energy industry?

Most people—let’s face it—most people when they think about China and the environment they think of the black model or the brown model that China is developing; of burning all that coal, importing fossil fuels from all around the world, and they don’t immediately think of China as a major power in renewable energy. So […]