What One Person Can Do About Climate Change | Ella Lagé | TEDxHamburg

Translator: Alena Koroleva Reviewer: Zsuzsa Viola OK, so I have to make a confession. Every time I rehearsed this speech, I got to the point where I almost started crying. What I want to talk with you about moves me a lot. And what moves me is the beauty and the power of people like […]

Benefits of Using Alternative Fuels | Benefits Of Alternative Fuels – Alternative Fuels Tips-

The Benefits of Using Alternative Fuels. Alternative fuels have more benefits to offer to the drivers and car enthusiasts. These products can provide a lot of great contributions in the operations of the car industry. Scientific studies have already proven that these fuels are not only useful in improving the way of living of a […]

Besuch der Gigafactory 4 in Grünheide | Interviews

It took a while until I discovered my passion for Elon. or Tesla My passion has awaken in February 2016 with the first launch of the Falcon heavy and especially with the successful landing of the booster rockets. It felt like this was straight out of a science fiction movie. At this point I started […]


Hi everyone, this is geRAMicc85 and today i want to show you the new solar cells on my Dodge Ram 1500. I haven’t been driving a lot with my truck over the last long and cold winter and I guess that’s why my car battery died. Now, the battery was only 3.5 years old and […]

Germany: The world’s first major renewable energy economy

The planet Earth will be completely devastated by 2050 if natural resources will be exploited at the current rate. The man barbarically devastate the planet, preventing it from being able to recover. According to the scientists, in 50 years people will have to move to another planet, because life on Earth will be impossible. This […]

Determining Future Energy Efficiency Potential across Sectors: Case Study of Germany

>>Katie Contos: Hello, everyone. I’m Katie Contos, and welcome today’s webinar, which is hosted by the Clean Energy Solutions Center in partnership with Enerdata. Today’s webinar is focused on determining future energy efficiency potential across sectors: case study on Germany. Before we begin I’ll quickly go over some webinar features. For audio you have two […]

Frankfurt Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K)

There are some cities which refuse to lay down. They possess a certain spirit which can push through the rubble of history’s most turbulent times, to grow, flourish and flower. The German city of Frankfurt is one such city. For centuries, Frankfurt has been one of Europe’s most important and enduring trading capitals. Despite a […]

Renewables in Germany (Energiewende!) and Nuclear in France (Clean Energy!)

We have to phase out carbon emissions at the rate of several percent a year I don’t see any way we can do that without the help of nuclear power. If we look today, at the subject of warming, the way of fighting against global warming is fighting against the CO2 one emits. The use […]

Who Is The Rothschild Family & How Much Power Do They Have?

The Rothschild family has been accused of nearly every conspiracy we could find. They’re alleged to be leaders of secret societies, run the world’s media and financial systems, and other shady dealings. The name Rothschild is synonymous with extravagant, old world wealth. But we wanted to find out, who exactly are the Rothschilds? In a […]

Record Radiation Levels At Fukushima Nuclear Plant

JAISAL NOOR: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Jaisal Noor in Baltimore. In Japan, the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors are continuing to emit record levels of dangerous radiation. Now the Japanese government has stepped in and pledged nearly $500 million to help stop the leaks. Now joining us to stop this discuss this […]