Solar Eclipse Day Power Surge Grid Blackout Outage August 21, 2017

okay 9:19 a.m. and we just lost our power yet we lost our power so I’ve got plenty of battery for my other cameras it’s going to get hot in here if we don’t have power all day hopefully we will have power but yeah we lost our power so it’s going to be a […]

Working with Models: Portrait Photography Tips | Sony Alpha Universe

When I get to a space with the model, I’m always trying to cover all my ground. On the wide shots, the close-up shots and before I even start shooting, I’m trying to get a sense of all these photos I can get. I take time to sit the model down and I’m like looking […]

SVALBARD Photo Adventure – part 3 | remote solo camping and bird photography behind the scenes

It’s 10 past 4 in the morning, and I was woken up by the wind and the rain. I thought, if I get up early I could maybe do a timelapse, or something with the sunrise, but it does not sound like a beautiful, quiet sunrise with golden light. It sounds grey. So, I might […]

Velvet Get You Right Sis-Carbonnation tv 🤔

okay we are now live let me get over here into this video here when I first did the first live stream I was on private because I was doing a test so I hope I’m not confusing anyone but I had to go back in and do the live again so hopefully didn’t mess […]