The Renewable Energy Data Explorer Tool: Private Sector Applications

>>Stephanie: Hello everyone. I’m Stephanie Hernandez with the Clean Energy Solutions Center. Welcome to today’s webinar which is hosted by the Solutions Center in partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development, USAID, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Today’s webinar is focused on the private sector applications of the Renewable Energy Data Explorer. Before […]

Solar-Powered Mini-Grids Bring Security and New Economic Opportunities in Ghana

In Africa, 600 million people lack access to electricity. Agatha was one of them. [Agatha Abotse, Seamstress, Aglakope, Ghana] It was difficult operating my business when we didn’t have access to electricity. I couldn’t work at night in those days but now I do. I now use an electric iron and don’t buy charcoal any […]