– [Narrator] The Coronavirus has changed everyday life as we know it. – The healthcare system really is struggling to keep up with demand. There are makeshift hospital wards being set up wherever possible, even in hospital car parks. – I know that some people in the last few days have already lost their jobs. […]

Are rockets terrible for our air? How much do they pollute?

– Hi, it’s me, Tim Dodd, the everyday astronaut. I’m here at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in their gorgeous rocket garden. I mean, look at this place. How awesome is this to talk to you guys about rocket pollution? Because there’s no arguing that rockets aren’t incredible pieces of machinery. I mean, forget the […]

Jane Fonda Cuts The Chase

What I’m doing right now is one of the most powerful things you can do to fight climate change. I’m Jane Fonda. Exxon, Chevron, BP and Shell aren’t the only companies causing the climate crisis. There’s also Chase Bank. It’s true. Ever since the Paris climate Accords, Chase has funneled 196 billion dollars into the […]

Change Is In The Air: Wind Energy’s Popularity Grows In Texas | NBC Nightly News

We Can Power The World With Algae!

You know when you’re minding your own business, swimming in a lake or ocean and that green blob touches you and you’re NOT DOWN. That stuff could power your house, your car, and it could even stop global warming. Hey there muckrakers, thanks for watching DNews, I’m Trace. Algae is plural. It encompasses a large […]

What does Net Zero emissions actually mean?

It’s easy to get lost in the numbers when we talk about climate cha… *DISTANT* The limit of 2 degrees or 1.5 degrees was agreed at COP21 in 2015. CO2 is at over 410ppm and emissions need to fall by… But there’s one number that is very easy to get your head around. Zero. Net […]

How These Volunteers Are Fighting Soil Erosion

Narrator: Building healthy earth is a passion for Matthew Trumm. It all starts with rotting plants and early morning phone calls. – John! – Matthew. It’s Egypt calling. Narrator: He is part of a growing worldwide network evangelizing the powers of healing soil by replanting native species, sculpting land to store water, and composting. Their […]

Why China Stopped Buying U.S. Recycling

Ever think about where your recyclables go after the blue bin? Well, for a long time, about a fifth of American mixed recyclables were heading across the sea to China. That makes sense since China has the largest manufacturing output in the world and they need the scrap material to create all your favorite paper […]

Why Climate Change is Now Inevitable | Unveiled

While humanity has historically conjured up all kinds of bizarre, doomsday scenarios to be scared of, few have been as tangible or credible as climate change. Reports vary on exactly how severe the situation is and what adjustments we need to make to save ourselves, but the increasing majority of scientists are in agreement: climate […]

Global Warming at Climate Change SCAM NGA BA??? | Weather Science

Kamusta mga kaibigan? Sa mga nakaraang taon at sa kasalukuyan ay napapaisip ba kayo kung bakit napakainit ng ating panahon hindi lang sa ating bansa kundi sa buong mundo? Ano ang dahilan kung bakit madalas ang pamumuo ng bagyo, lindol, pagiging aktibo ng mga bulkan at paglamig ng ating planeta? Dahil curious kayo sa lagay […]