3 Stocks That Are More Sustainable Than They Seem

Welcome to the Morningstar Series Three Stock Picks. I’m Holly Black. With me is Harriet Parker, she is an investment manager at Liontrust. Hello. Hello. So, you’re on the sustainable team. So we’re looking for a different type of stock. Where would you like to start? I’m going to start with Smurfit Kappa. So Smurfit […]

The UK Is Racing to Build the World’s First Commercial Fusion Power Plant

We’re struggling to figure out what the future of sustainable energy looks like on our planet, and there are a lot of different directions we could go. The UK, however, made a bold move when they recently announced a huge investment in a prototype fusion power facility that could be functioning as a commercial power […]

Why Don’t We Have Functional Biofuel Yet?

Over the last several decades, we’ve poured billions of dollars into biofuel research…so why can’t you fill up with it at the gas station yet? Where are the biofuels?! After all, the gas you put in your car is essentially an ancient biofuel: it used to be organic matter—mostly algae, actually—that over millions of years […]

What If The Sun Disappeared?

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here. Gravity is a property of matter, anything with mass. This includes the Moon, Earth, Jupiter, the Sun, and even you – your body. In fact, if you kinda like somebody, have them stand 3/4 of a millimeter away from you. At that distance, cumulatively, every atom in your body and every […]

Future of Nuclear Power May Be Developing in San Diego

>>>>ALISON: The san Onofre nuclear power station 50 miles north of San Diego was built in the 1980s, based on technology developed in the 1960s. Doctor Dr.ハJoan farman tells us there are better ways to harness nuclear pour.>>>>: The paradigm we’re advocating is a completely different than how you would biltd build reactors. >>>>ALISON: One […]

Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates

I’m going to talk today about energy and climate. And that might seem a bit surprising, because my full-time work at the foundation is mostly about vaccines and seeds, about the things that we need to invent and deliver to help the poorest two billion live better lives. But energy and climate are extremely important […]

Solving Global Energy Problems: Nuclear Energy

Currently in the United States there is a tremendous demand for energy. And in particular, electrical energy is an area that our department can be of service. So providing clean nuclear energy is one of the options that is being looked at very seriously in the U.S., as well as around the world. Oregon State, […]

Can nuclear energy tech address climate change?

This amount of coal can power this light bulb for three hours. The same amount of uranium pellets, in a traditional nuclear reactor, can power 70 houses for a year. The same amount of uranium pellets in an advanced reactor can power 800 houses for a year. There’s a technology available today that can meet […]

Elon Musk: Tesla and SolarCity Will Accelerate the Development of an Energy Solution

The reason I put so much time and effort into creating Tesla was because, it’s always said to me that the transportation won’t go electric and should go electric, but we have an unpriced externality in the negative effects of gasoline and on the environment and also in the wars that we fight and national […]