Ed Church- After Fossil Fuels, Then What? (Summer 2019)

Hi, I’m Ed Church, and I’m very pleased to be offering my first course through OLLI. It’s going to be called After Fossil Fuels, What’s Next? So, climate change is something that’s on everybody’s mind, from the mounting effects of global warming, whether it’s extreme weather, heat waves, sea level rise, all the trauma that […]

Energía Solar: Calentador de Agua con Tubo de Riego

Some time ago I made an episode about a solar water heater but it was too bulky. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and now I present an improved version. I’m going to use 16 millimeter irrigation pipe. I have here a roll of 100 meters First of all I’m going to make […]

(VLOG) 침대생활,요술침대,댓글달기,배달음식,아이스크림,식곤증,비타민,빨래,재택근무,잠의늪..

♪ So Lar Si Do ♪ Solar’s New Challenge Hello~ Right now- what time is it right now? (Serious condition) 1:30.. It’s 1:30 in the afternoon.. [Yongddonie is sleepy…] I woke up at 1:30. (Serious condition) (Serious condition) [Today’s challenge is?] I prepared a vlog. (Self-censoring) What kind of vlog is it? (Self-censoring) When I’m […]

High Voltage Electricity and Water – 4k Slow Motion & Ultra Slow Motion

What’s up guys too they were back in the back. with an experiment that you’re told never to try at home. Today we’re experimenting with water period and high voltage electricity. I’m just kidding. that’s not even my intro. Get that camera out of my face. Welcome back to Warped perception. And this episode is […]

Sensitivity Analysis and Tornado Plots

This screencast is going to go over a sensitivity analysis, and we’re going to generate a tornado plot. A sensitivity analysis is basically a study into how sensitive is the process, so the process outputs, to the inputs. So just as an example here we have a process, and it’s got a bunch of inputs, […]

How to Make a Gas-Powered Rocket | Science Projects

Do you guys like rockets? Think about it; the space shuttle is so small, but when it’s about to leave the earth, it’s attached to this giant, giant, giant thing. Why? Gravity is such a force; it doesn’t want your rocket to leave. There’s so many chemicals that are needed to get that small, little […]

A DIY Off-Grid Solar Power System Overview and Wiring

Hi this is Amy from the altE Store. We’re going to go over a brief overview of a typical off grid solar electric system. This is just a small demo, and it can scale up as your needs require. But this will give you a good overview of the different pieces involved. Now I’ve got […]

What’s worse? Mismatched solar panels with different amps in series or parallel?

Hi, this is Amy from the altE Store. So I am going to show how to wire two mismatched solar panels together. I’ve got two 24V solar panels. One is a 24V 200W, and one is a 24V 100W. So this is half the output of this one. So we’re going to take some measurements […]

How to Make a Car Out of Paper & Candies | Science Projects

Hi guys. You know, today when you think of machines, we think of computers, we think of air conditioners, we think of helicopters, we think of giant bulldozers. But the reality is simple machines have been around for thousands of years. Simple machines are things that make work easier. What’s a simple machine? Think of […]

Solar panel top of pole PV mount by Missouri Wind and Solar USA

hi everybody I’m Jeff from Missouri wind and solar and I want to show you our new top of the pole solar panel. My name is Mandie, I’m going to show you how to install our top of the pole Solar mount. You need the bolt lock washer and your nut. My suggestion would be […]