West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company–WBSEDCL,Engineering Jobs,Careers,GATE,Eligibility

Hello All..This is Manju Thomas from Freshersworld.com Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the jobs and careers of West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited – WBSEDCL It was initially the West Bengal state electricity board or WBSEB which was the electricity board owned by the […]

Google and Amazon are now in the oil business

On Earth Day 2019, Google posted this video about the “urgency of radically addressing climate change in the next decade.” This is Kate Brandt, she used to be Obama’s chief sustainability officer. Now she works to make Google a global leader in “reducing or even eliminating our dependence on raw materials or fossil fuels.” Google’s […]

Viral Spoof Video blasts Pharmaceuticals, Big Oil Companies

Our way of life is a precious gift to be celebrated at every opportunity With friends, while pursuing our passions during quality time spent with our loved ones and yet many of us need help to maintain the quality of life we so deserve. That’s why we’ve developed Petrolify. Petrolify’s highly-refined all natural ingredients are […]

How to Count ALL Human Carbon Emissions in the US

>>Hi. My name is Simon [INDISTINCT]. And I would like to introduce to you Dr. Kevin Gurney from University of Purdue. He has impressive credentials. He has Bachelors degree from Berkley, two masters degree and Ph.D. degree in Ecology. He is on the IBCC panel which has recently taken a Nobel Prize. He has given […]

André Borschberg & Bertrand Piccard on their Excitement of Embracing the Unknown | Google Zeitgeist

>>Bertrand Piccard: Good afternoon to everyone. Let me start by a question. Who are we? You know, in the entrance of the conference hall it’s written, “Everyone is looking for new things all the time.” And actually I’m not sure it’s true. I believe that maybe here in this room, we are all looking for […]

With Nuclear Power Comes Great Possibilities | Taylor Wilson | Google Zeitgeist

>>Taylor Wilson: I’ve done a lot of work in nuclear non-proliferation counterterrorism. And one of the huge problems that we face is that with a relatively small amount of material, you can make a weapon that can cause a tremendous amount of damage. You can think of the attacks of 9/11 that killed thousands of […]

Tesla-powered Porsche 912: vintage meets electric

Five, four, three, two, one. (car engine roaring) (upbeat music) This is a 1968 Porsche 912 powered by a Tesla drivetrain. It’s not just fast; it’s the culmination of a years-long boom in taking vintage cars and retrofitting them with EV technology. It’s the brainchild of two guys: David Bernardo, the founder of Zelectric Motors, […]

This is why your phone doesn’t last all day

– Today’s phones are miracles of modern technology. They can stream Netflix, play incredible video games, and connect us with people around the world at anytime, all in the palm of our hands. So, how come the battery life sucks so much? You remember your old phone? The one that just played Snake and made […]

Tesla Explained: Tesla, Apple, and Disruption

Sponsored by The Great Courses Plus. Click on the link in the description to start your free trial today. Tesla has been the instigator in the great auto disruption we’re currently watching play out. They’ve brought one of the lowest cost, high performance electric vehicles to market in the Model 3. Proven that owning an […]