I Got An Electric Bicycle!! E-Bike Time!!!

what’s going on everybody coming to you from the Capitol State Forest here in Washington State and I have something big and awesome and fun to share with you finally on a bright sunny day that’s why I came out here I can’t wait to show you my eat bag let’s go check it out […]

Nothing But Sand, Waves, Stars, & The Moon ~ Beachdocking

you good afternoon everyone days two and three out here at Padre Island National Seashore on day two when I woke up I did have somebody attempt to literally park right there I was up drinking my coffee in the morning and I came out and I as politely as possible I said hey guys […]

Lets Take a Ferry to Padre Island and NOT Get Stuck…

good morning everyone from rain-x from Texas I had rain and rain-x on my mind oh my gosh I’d turn these up yeah good morning from Texas the neverending rain continues in Texas for me my little cloud that follows me and everything today we got a got a jump start because in order to […]

Houston ~ NASA 1960’s Mission Control Tour, Training Facility & Rockets

you know I am convinced that the city of Houston rains more than the entire state of Washington this incredible man it’s every single time I come to Houston is just record breaking rain every single time there’s some clear it’s not gonna it’s gonna rain for like a week that’s not gonna rain all […]

Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Day 50 Update

hey everyone it is another way in Wednesday get to that weigh-in right now right scale you know what time it is let’s do it Oh Lady 5.2 now did make a mathematical mistake last week when I talked about how many pounds I’d actually lost but officially last week I came in at 188 […]

Houstons House of Beer, Art Cars, Hot Heads, & Authentic Tex Mex

morning everybody I got the Houston and guess what it started doing raining again every time I come to Houston it rains on me yesterday was a washout today there’s some sunshine breaks so I’m gonna be kind of battling with the Texas rain a little bit and trying to plan out my days in […]

Cleetus McFarland Hosts Houston Burnouts, Drags, & Demolition Cars !!!

what’s going on everybody it is February 15 2020 on a beautiful Saturday here in Texas beautiful as in I found a spot of Texas that is not raining all day got last-minute tickets on a Thursday for anybody any of my viewers follow Cletus mcFarland he’s a he’s a car guy well he’s possibly […]

Lake Conroe Camping & Crazy Texas Weather

well good morning everybody welcome to sunny Texas here as we begin I am preparing to go south here in Texas probably all the way to the Gulf but gonna find some new stuff and I want to let you know this is one of my new favorite Thousand Trails campgrounds here at Lake Conroe […]

Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Week 7 ~ Fitness Tracking

what’s going on everybody it is weigh in Wednesday the start a week seven here so the weight-loss competition I got going on with James over there at Juan de les estate and I’m excited let’s get right to the weigh-in see what we are today dum-dum-dum week seven weigh-in to put this into perspective […]

1280 Watts of Solar on RV Roof & Water Update

good morning guys Wayne’s driving us into town here in quartzite to get a few supplies for the solar install job today and the town looks a little different then you might see it in its hustle and bustle of like RTR times it’s dead in fact many of the stores that we were visiting […]