Manatee activists call for all renewable energy by 2045

Today, we want to present the initial information about the effects of climate change in our community. What’s being done to mitigate those effects. And more importantly, what you can do. That’s a pretty important. We like our leaders to protect us. Protect our lives in this town. We’ve got to stay in touch in […]

Mismatched Solar Panels – What happens? 200W 24V with a 50W 12V

Hi, I’m Amy from the altE Store. I was recently asked a question of someone who had a 200W 24V solar panel, going through an MPPT charge controller, to a 12V battery. They actually asked me, could they add a 50W 12V panel, just to get a little bit extra power. So, I figured we’d […]

NEW Rolling Thunderâ„¢ Battery Backup Unit

Hi this is Josh with another episode of Solar Tech TV from Wholesale Solar today I’m gonna tell you about a brand new product from Four Star Solar the Rolling Thunder battery backup. I’d be willing to bet my next paycheck that everyone in the world has got a list of things that they don’t […]