SMUD’s Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant is now a ghost

since decommissioning was completed in 2009 SMUD’s closed Rancho Seco nuclear plant is a shell of its former self after an extended federally inspected decommissioning process that began in 1997 most of the shuttered plant consists of empty buildings vacant lots and concrete foundations we can’t fire up Rancho Seco because all of the infrastructure […]

Physical Science : How Do You Turn Nuclear Energy Into Electricity?

Hi, I’m Steve Jones, and I’m going to tell you a little bit about getting nuclear energy into electricity. Now obviously here we have a fairly complex diagram, but actually it’s simpler than it looks. First of all here is the nuclear reactor and the heat exchanger. In fact these parts are the only parts […]

Nuclear energy aficionados: what the MSc EMINE programme will offer you

Discover the European Master in nuclear energy a unique program that opens a wide variety of career paths within the nuclear industry. EMINE combines in-depth scientific and technical knowledge with a strong focus on business and innovation. It attracts international minds from every continent. EMINE master is quite unique in the sense that there is […]

A Renewable Energy Solution to Cut Costs and Provide Security

Manufacturing faces many challenges in Atlantic Canada. Primary among these are energy costs and reliability. In many rural parts of Atlantic Canada, large production facilities face uncertainty about energy costs as commodities such as propane and natural gas fluctuate with market demands. With limited access to oil and gas pipelines in rural areas of Atlantic […]

Experience of Switching To Solar At Home | Solarify | Bengaluru, India

Uh, really professional, I must say. Sharath (founder, Solarify) has been really supportive. Everyone, I mean, Apoorva (Solar Engineer at Solarify) … there was another person I forget his name…who started off (background) Sanketh (ex-Operations & Innovations at Solarify) ? Yes, Sanketh, I think. So, it was pretty smooth. The installation took a bit of […]

Adopting Renewable Energy in the Bay Area | Semper Solaris

Semper Solaris There has never been a better time for Bay Area residents to jump on the renewable energy bandwagon The most popular type of renewable energy in the twenty-first century is solar because of its ease of use and ability to be installed almost anywhere Those who are fortunate enough to live in areas […], SIAPRO Design of Small Hydropower Plant, Pelton Turbine, [email protected]

Hydro Electricity Plant Design and Fabrication/Instalation by SIAPRO

The Future of Solar Power in Visalia | Semper Solaris

Semper Solaris Solar energy has become a rising trend in Southern California over the past few years. With advancing technologies and countless benefits, the value of solar panels has definitely increased while solar costs in Visalia have become more and more affordable over time It’s no surprise the city of Visalia has switched to solar! […]

[EN] What is Generation kWh?

Driven by the desire to change the current Spanish energy market, a whole generation comes together to deliver a shared and renewable alternative. A generation of people who jointly generate our own kWhs: GENERATION KWH. In response to the withdrawal of subsidies for renewable projects and barriers to self-consumption, we decided to reinvent the way […]

Tidal Energy ✔

GREETINGS TO ONE AND ALL WATCHING THIS VIDEO. MECH EXPLANATIONS WELCOMES YOU. let us learn about tidal energy. Tidal power or tidal energy is a form of hydropower that converts the energy obtained from tides into useful forms of power, mainly electricity. Although not yet widely used, tidal energy has potential for future electricity generation. […]