Sundance Retrofit – Renewable

– [Narrator] This is Sundance, a community of 78 homes and 150 people. And Jean, Sandy and Stuart believe this type of community is the future of sustainable housing. 80% of the buildings that will be standing by 2050 are already standing today, and with 40% of emissions come from powering buildings we need a […]

Photovoltaic Arrays: how do solar cells combine in a solar panel?

Now, some of you may not be at all familiar with electrical circuitry in any way. It’s fairly logical and if you’re confused at all always just think back to the water hydrology as to what’s happening – the water idea because the analogy with water is almost the same as current flow. Since you […]

Carbon Dioxide Is Not the Worst Greenhouse Gas, Meet SF6

If we’re going to stave off the worst impacts of climate change, we’re going to have to break our dependency on greenhouse gas emitting energy sources like fossil fuels. But could a switch to more renewable sources like wind and solar power actually emit more of the most potent greenhouse gas there is? The gas […]

Cheaper and greener electricity at home

Our days are regulated by the use of appliances that weigh on our electricity bills. But machines like air conditioning, water boilers or refrigerators could be less expensive if used in a clever way. To help us save money, experts from the EU-funded project ADDRESS have developed this Energy Box, currently tested by Spanish households. […]

world largest solar power plant 3000 MW china.最大的太陽能發電廠 ( china vlog)

world largest solar power plant 3000 MW locates at ningxia china 6 million installed solar cover 30 thousand acre land the land is use for agricultural purposes we can see some wolf berries in the name of the fruit here is wolf berry and this is the doctor and now we have some visitors here […]

Deregulation of Electricity | Benefits of the Deregulation of Electricity

Deregulation of Electricity Many people are frustrated with their lack of choices when it comes to buying electricity. In many states, you’re simply relegated to the state run electric company in your area. What you might be surprised to learn is that some states have stepped in an started the deregulation of electricty, which means […]

Renewable Fossil Fuels

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the swrm! Experts agree that everyone on our planet needs to reduce emissions below the sustainable limit in order to curb manmade climate change. But we all know this will be a mammoth task without huge financial input and it will take time that is quickly running out. Changing an […]

World’s first hydrogen-powered seagoing ferries

Strong winds, powerful tides, and crashing waves make Scotland’s beautiful northern Orkney islands a pretty tough place to live. But they’ve also helped make the archipelago a renewable energy powerhouse. Now Orkney produces more electricity than it can use or export. So the islands are becoming a test case for using hydrogen produced with renewable […]

US Department Of Energy Rebrands Fossil Fuels As “Freedom Gas”

The US Department of Energy is trying to sell more fossil fuels across the globe and they’ve come up with a jaw dropping idea to get the American public on board. Take it from there. It’s a crazy story. You know, it’s, it’s kind of what corporations do. When oh, corporates says let’s rebrand, so […]