Eco Friendly Home | No Electricity Water & Gas Connection | Concept Animation | HD sheet

Large number population in our country belongs to lower middle class and one of biggest problem in their life is payment of utility bills to solve this problem we made model of house in which helps you decrease or zero electricity, Gas, and water bills my be you have notice way our government waste the […]

10 Solar Powered Homes for a More Sustainable Future

– [Reacher] Hey, everyone. The seasons are changing, and nothing says free energy like the sun. This is Reacher with Minds Eye Design, and here are 10 solar homes that are the future of architecture. (zapping sounds) Number 10. Anyone with access to a news feed can attest to the constant drought issues plaguing California. […]

Renewable Energy: Solar Panels

(long note) – What we have here is typical photovoltaic panels, they are made of silicon, much like your electronic devices, that run computers, they’re silicon chips. And they convert the sunlight, the light itself, directly into electricity without any moving parts. The placement of this solar panel, and the orientation of the solar panel […]

Renewable Energy: Solar Panel System Components

[long note] -[Thomas Jenkins] Many homeowners have heard about solar energy and are interested in solar energy, and this is a what’s called a photovoltaic system, photovoltaic indicating that the sunlight is converted directly to electricity through these what’s called PV, photovoltaic panels. And this is a demonstration system that would, in affect, showcase all […]

Renewable Energy: Solar Thermal Stirling Engine

[long note] – [Thomas Jenkins] What we’re demonstrating today is a device which concentrates solar energy onto what’s called a stirling engine. A stirling engine converts the thermo energy, which is heat energy, as opposed to the light energy from the sun. And converts it into mechanical energy. The solar thermal heat is being concentrated […]

Passive Solar Designs: Energy Savings All Year

If you’re planning a new home, and you’re worried about energy efficiency think about the benefits of good passive solar design. Did you know that you could get up to 50% of your heating needs directly from the sun? The design and orientation of the home are key. This house has a lot of south-facing […]

Renewable Energy: Solar Air Heater

[long note] -[Thomas Jenkins] This device is what we call a solar siphon but basically it’s a room heater. The concept behind it is that the solar energy, sun, will pass through this glass. There’s a glass piece on top here, and heat the air underneath, much like a greenhouse. This is designed to fit […]