Clean Energy is a ‘Powerful Engine of Job Opportunity’

SHARMINI PERIES: It’s The Real News Network. I’m Sharmini Peries coming to you from Baltimore. This week, the Environmental Protection Agency administrator, Scott Pruitt, announced that the Trump administration intends to roll back the most important environmental and economic policies of our times, the Clean Power Plan. The CPP, as it is known, was to […]

Report: Investing in Clean Energy Would Boost NY’s Economy

SHARMINI PERIES: It’s The Real News Network. I’m Sharmini Peries coming to you from Baltimore. Imagine a carbon free New York City. Well, we cannot promise you a totally carbon free New York City but we can plot a way to get us partially there by 2030. A new study shows that transitioning to clean […]

Building green, boosting jobs, bettering lives in Zambia

Davies has been working in construction for 15 years. But he can’t hold back his excitement about this new project. “Because everything we are using is made from local material. This window frame is made from wood harvested from the local trees around here.” Davies is employed by one of the SMEs contracted to build […]

The fight to rethink (and reinvent) nuclear power

When you think of the word nuclear, what comes to mind? It’s probably some terrifying thought. I can’t blame anyone for being nervous. It’s a technology that we’ve been using for decades that can really reduce global warming, but it’s not exactly something environmentalists are that excited about. The first thing many people think of […]

Why Private Investment Works & Govt. Investment Doesn’t

In 2011, a solar power company called Solyndra declared bankruptcy. A company going bankrupt is not news. But Solyndra was not just any company. Its biggest “investor” was the federal government which had given it $500 million dollars. That was news. But, really, it shouldn’t have been. If history is any guide, it was quite […]

Bringing green energy and green jobs to Bangladesh

Though life has improved for some people in rural Bangladesh, for most of the country’s 142 million inhabitants incomes are low and decent work remains hard to find. While electricity reaches many areas of Bangladesh, 70% of rural people aren’t connected to the national grid. The power lines either haven’t reached their villages or the […]

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is one of the quintessential sustainable products. It’s not partially sustainable. It’s not somewhat sustainable. It’s really fully sustainable. It’s gonna take wind energy, it’s gonna take, solar energy, it’s gonna take wave energy, it’s gonna take tidal. There are jobs in energy locally. There are jobs in energy regionally. There are jobs […]

From Niger to Kiribati, How We Are Adapting to Climate Change

I was born in the village of Garin Madougou in Niger. Those of us who live in rural areas, we rely on farming to feed our families. So if our crops aren’t growing, our minds are not quiet. I live in the village of Nabeina in Kiribati. The sea is steadily rising, it keeps washing […]

Day at Work: Solar Design Engineer

My name is Stefania, and I am a solar design engineer. and I work in a solar company called Luminalt here in San Francisco. And we install solar, thermal, and photovoltaic systems both for residential and commercial applications. Luminalt is a woman-owned company. It is focused on building a sustainable community. Energy is a major […]