Missouri S&T Audiovisual Presentation – Solar Decathlon 2015

>>Jenny: Hello and welcome to Nature’s Next Masterpiece. The Missouri S&T Solar House Design Team takes its role as innovators of net-zero housing with great respect. In this project, we focused on showing how efficient living is both comfortable and appealing to the everyday family.>>Narrator: Each year tons of materials are simply discarded into the […]

Stevens Computer-Animated Walkthrough – Solar Decathlon 2015

The SURE House Stevens Institute witnessed firsthand the impact of Super-storm Sandy. The SURE House offers a new model of uncompromised coastal living that incorporates at its core both Sustainability and Resilience. The innovative building envelope provides a 90% reduction in energy consumption. The SURE House’s Resilient Power and Heating System produces more energy than […]

Team NY Alfred Team Interview – Solar Decathlon 2015

>>Female 1: We are the Alfred State College of Technology and Alfred University. We wanted to incorporate a lot of lighting, openness. We have one of the top lots so there’s a big, open view which was one of our main focuses, and we kind of wanted to have a gathering space. So we have […]

Incredible Mini Earthship Style Cabin – Tiny Off Grid House with Solar Power

Hey everyone! It’s Danielle from Exploring Alternatives. In this video, we’re checking out a tiny earthship at the Terra Perma eco-resort in Harrington, Quebec, Canada. [Music Playing] So it’s basically a form of passive solar home that allows you to heat your home and keep it cool just by controlling the energy from the sun. […]