Bonneville Power: Thinking, Working and Living Green

Kim Leathley, Executive Vice President, Internal Business Services, Bonneville Power Administration: At BPA, preserving the planet is just part of the job. We manage the output of the Federal Columbia River Power System – one the cleanest power systems in the world. We are on the cutting-edge of technology to facilitate the development of wind […]

Hacking Hydro Power on a Remote Scottish Island

My name is John, I’m a postman, and I run on hydro power. My previous knowledge of hydro was just big huge hydro electric schemes they had all over the highlands Small scale hydro it was all new to me, and that’s the way i went and I never regretted it. Yes, when I took […]

Teaser 2 in Ternate – Panasonic ECLIPSE LIVE by SOLAR POWER

Hello everyone, I’m Richard Herrera on Ternate Island, in east Indonesia where I’m here with Panasonic to witness a rare total solar eclipse. Now the island will plunge into darkness on March 9 and we will take energy generated from the sun to broadcast it live from our screen to yours. Now this is the […]

Why Don’t We Have Nuclear Fusion Power Yet?

this episode is sponsored by LastPass humanity hasn’t exactly done a great job when it comes to energy production I mean don’t get me wrong we’re good at producing enough electricity to meet our needs but it’s come at the cost of releasing billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and wreaking some […]

Turning Animal Waste in Energy in Viet Nam

Its mid-morning in Sóc Sơn District, an hour’s drive north of Hanoi. A team of technicians is setting up a new system for a family to cook their food and heat water. It uses a special fuel made from animal waste known as biogas. This is just one of tens of thousands of biogas units […]

Methane Biodigester How To

Today, we are going to bring you into the world of bio-gas digestion. The whole idea is to create methane, just like you do in your stomach; as you are churning up your food, and one of the bi-products is methane. Here, we are going to show you today four different ways. You can go […]


Hey this is Martin Mesa with Rate One Financial. Welcome back to Mortgage Mind. Today’s video is called “Should I Go SOLAR?” Okay, so a lot of people are buying homes or converting existing homes they own to solar powered homes for a lot of obvious reasons, mainly to reduce their energy costs and for […]

Green MEPs push for renewables and phase out of nuclear power (EN+DE+ENSubs)

I would like to say to you that we as Greens expect that the stress test will be… designed in such a way that it will show… which nuclear power plants are no longer tolerable… and what power plants should be shut off first. We would like to see the stress test as a turning […]

Woodworker Builds The Perfect Tiny House Boat for Life on the Water

>>MAT: Hey everyone, we were just driving down the highway and came across this really awesome floating houseboat. So we contacted the builder, Richard, and he agreed to put it in the water for us so we could have a look. He built it all himself by hand. It’s like a tiny floating cabin. It […]