Onagawa power plant given green light by Japan’s nuclear watchdog to restart reactor

Japan’s Onagawa nuclear power plant,… which was damaged along with Fukushima in the massive 2011 earthquake and tsunami,… has been given the green light by Japanese regulators to restart its reactor. Lee Seung-jae reports. It’s been more than eight years since an enormous magnitude-9-point-oh earthquake and tsunami sparked the Fukushima nuclear disaster. However, all these […]

Renewable Energy 101 | Solar vs. Wind

With utility prices rising and the knowledge of traditional forms of energy production using fossil fuels can harm the environment many home and business owners are turning to alternative renewable energy as a way to reduce cost and benefit the environment. Solar and wind-generated electricity can be great options to produce clean renewable energy, often […]

SCI-Arc/Caltech’s Solar Decathlon 2011 Architecture Audiovisual Presentation

California is the home of innovation where new ideas are born. We’ve been pioneers in raising environmental standards and advancing clean energy. We embody this in our active lifestyle and in the technology we use. This tech is in our lives, but not in our homes. SCI-Arc and Caltech have teamed up for the 2011 […]

Nigeria Schoolgirl pee power energy generator – uses just pee to generate electricity

http://www.overunity.com/13101/urine-powered-generator-from-africa/ This is a new system designed by 4 schoolgirls from Nigeria, Africa with the help of their teacher to get an electrical generator system running on just ONLY Urine ! They used electrolysis to split Urine ( pee ) into hydrogen and clear it up via a liquid borax solution and then run a […]

GRID Alternatives Trains Former #Inmates for #Solar – #Trees #Reforestation

Alright so we are with an amazing person who is a Solar Fellow. He was trained through the Solar Core program with GRID Alternatives. Darean I thank you for your time. What has your experience been installing solar? How’d you get involved? And what do we need to know about GRID Alternatives? Well how I […]

Tiny Tree House with Hanging Bridge Makes Off Grid Living Fun!

Hey everyone! Mat here from Exploring Alternatives. In this video we’re taking a look at this amazing treehouse with a hanging rope bridge and a deck perched up in the trees. [Music Playing] On our channel we’re always looking for tiny living spaces alternative living spaces and dwellings and this is by far one of […]

We’re Running Out of These Elements — Here’s How

[♪ INTRO] Whether it’s your phone, laptop, or TV, you’re watching this video on a miracle of technology. As much as it might seem like it, these devices aren’t made from literal magic, but materials with unique and surprising properties. But as special as they are, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that they’re also […]

Light Guide Solar Concentrators

[Greg Schmidt] Our group has developed light guide solar concentrators. Now these work by collecting the solar incident light on the surface and concentrating it all to come out along a single edge of the device this particular one is a prototype that achieves about sixty times concentration and at this edge is where you […]


Thank you for your interest in the Akula technology. For several months we have now published some videos about the new Akula technology. During his studies the Russian inventor ” Akula” had the idea to use the Earth’s magnetic field as an energy source. The inventor completed successfully a degree in radio engineering and microelectronics. […]

Why the Weak Nuclear Force Ruins Everything

[♪ INTRO] The weak nuclear force gets short shrift among the four fundamental forces of nature. People wax on about the marvels of gravity that holds entire worlds together. They’ll detail electromagnetism, which lets us see and keeps us from falling through the floor. They’ll even praise the strong nuclear force that fights to keep […]