Highway sound barriers with solar panels produce green energy

Highway sound barriers, which are built to reduce noise coming from traffic, are evolving. They now double as solar panels and produce green energy. Park Se-young has more. This sound barrier is different from the ordinary concrete or steel walls. The four-meter wall is composed of panels with three different functions. The panel at the […]

M-Trigen Energy Independence From Concept to Reality

Energy Independence from concept to reality what if you could have total control over your own power system that allows you to be completely independent of the electric grid? what if this power system will supply all of your power heating and cooling requirements and do it more efficiently and at a fraction of the […]

Should you buy Solar Panels? learn the Pros & Cons

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council the U.S. total installed solar capacity grew to thirty five point eight gigawatt, enough to power 6.5 million homes. Since prices has gone down it become valuable option to purchase solar panels. Hi my name is Ali I’m a real estate agent where my eco-friendly homes is not […]