What If the Asteroid Had Been 10 Seconds Late

Oh boy! You wake up because the ground is shaking. Ah, nothing new – a Diplodocus has just passed by your house. You look out of the window – oh, no! Yet another T-Rex chasing your doggy! Nope, you haven’t somehow come round in Jurassic Park. That’s what your life would’ve been if the asteroid […]

The World’s Seafloor Is Rapidly Dissolving, Here’s Why

Welcome to a very special week, where we’re joining The Swim to raise awareness around ocean health. Now climate change may call to mind: clouds of gases, smog blanketing cities, and rising temperatures around the globe. But it has also has many profound impacts on our oceans too–like the fact that climate change is literally […]

Venus May Have Been Habitable

Venus, the second closest planet to the sun, and Earth’s closest neighbor, is not a place where you’d want to spend your vacation. The atmosphere is corrosive, scorching-hot, and extremely toxic. But recently, scientists have discovered that millions of years ago, Venus was probably nothing like the uninhabitable, hostile world it is today! About 700 […]

UQx DENIAL101x Full interview with Michael Ranney

My name is Michael Ranney. I’m a professor here at the University of California at Berkeley. I tend to do research on things that basically are the intersection of three different realms: one realm is science cognition; the other one is about mathematical cognition, particularly numeracy; and, finally, I’m also interested in things that are […]

Science stories – Sustainability

For me, the biggest problem facing the planet is energy. How are we going to find enough energy without warming up the planet so much that we destroy our environment? I was a research student here in the 1970s and looking around the quad is much the same now as it was then. No big […]