🌤 Climate Change from the Economic Point of View

Everyday we hear chilling stories about climate change in the media: In a dozen years or so humanity will certainly die out, forests will burn or wither, and the glaciers will melt, drowning us in the rapidly spreading oceans. It is necessary to react right now, as it may already be too late. We must […]

How China is driving the future of electric cars

JUDY WOODRUFF: China has historically been known more for the pollution it produces than the gas it saves. But China is now also the world’s largest market for electric cars. And China’s electric vehicle market is transforming not only Chinese automakers, but forcing international companies to ramp up production as well. With the support of […]

Artificial Leaf Technology Could One Day Power Our World

I’ve got some Big Green News for you: scientists at the University of Waterloo in Canada have come up with a new design for an artificial leaf. That means a whole new way of making cleaner burning fuels using a process that mimics photosynthesis! But…what’s an artificial leaf? And could it really help us move […]

Carbon Dioxide Is Not the Worst Greenhouse Gas, Meet SF6

If we’re going to stave off the worst impacts of climate change, we’re going to have to break our dependency on greenhouse gas emitting energy sources like fossil fuels. But could a switch to more renewable sources like wind and solar power actually emit more of the most potent greenhouse gas there is? The gas […]

Best Use of Poop: Discover the top uses of poop as an alternative energy source – top 5 video

Discover5 Energy is all around us. Everything in the Universe is made of energy. We are learning to tap into a variety of alternative sources of energy. Examples of alternative energy sources include plants, water, heat, wind, sunlight, and… POOP! 5. Shipping Container Sewage System Engineers from Duke University and the University of Missouri have […]

Politicians are putting fossil fuels ahead of your health (AGAIN)

There’s a fight going on behind your power outlet… The Clean Power Plan is our best weapon to fight climate change, but court battles have stopped the plan in it’s tracks. Twenty-seven states and dozens energy companies are suing to protect their industry. But wait…what actually is the Clean Power Plan? It’s a way to […]

‘Hey Bill Nye, Is There a Conspiracy to Cover Up Agricultural Climate Change?’ #TuesdaysWithBill

Batman: Hello Bill. I’m Batman and I’m a big fan. My question to you is why isn’t the agricultural sector especially with the cows being addressed with global warming with as much media attention as oil companies seeing as it is actually the biggest factor affecting global warming. At this day and age do you […]

How ‘climate procrastination’ has put the planet in peril

JUDY WOODRUFF: The United Nations has released a grim and alarming assessment about the impact of climate change. Even worse, it found that countries around the world are not doing nearly enough right now to slow the damage before it becomes worse. JOHN CHRISTENSEN, Lead Author, United Nations Emissions Gap Report: The probability of avoiding […]

More Climate Buzzwords You Need to Know | NowThis

Environmental justice is an important part of addressing the climate crisis because underserved communities usually feel the impacts of climate change This includes having Being exposed to unhealthy air and water can lead to real health impacts, including asthma. Environmental justice calls for the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people— regardless of race, […]

The Climate Crisis Buzzwords You Need to Know | NowThis

Greenhouse gases, also called GHGs, are gases in the atmosphere that are both They include These gases cause our atmosphere to warm because they absorb radiation emitted by the Earth’s atmosphere and trap heat. The more greenhouse gases we release into the atmosphere by doing things like burning gas and coal, And scientists have sounded […]