Benchmark | Electricity’s New Reality

Well, there’s really several main drivers for grid modernization today. The first is just the aging infrastructure on the distribution grid. Really, it was designed to be replaced on a 40-year life cycle, and it’s currently happening in the United States on over a 100-year life cycle. So a lot of aged assets on the […]

The Secret Tesla Generator Plans and Free Electricity

Bill Morrison | Electricity — Behind the scenes

I wouldn’t call it modern material but it is, in some ways, dealing with a modern theme, a theme that we still are all quite beholden to: energy, power, electricity, how we make it work for us. I think that it heralds a new age that we all can identify with. This material was an […]

Solar Power Myths: Solar panels will give me backup power

Hi, this is Amy from the altE Store. Well, I’m sure you’ve noticed there’s a whole lot of wrong information about solar power out here on the internet. So we are doing a whole series of solar myth busting for you. You can see more in our playlist here. For example. Solar panels will provide […]

Homemade solar battery charger

all right you remember the video I did have charge batteries using solar garden lights I guess it’s about a year ago or so I did this well John solar had an idea of removing the solar panels and the battery and bypassing the switch that turns it on and off and that’s a good […]

These Strange Metals Could Make Electronics Perfectly Efficient

Want 100% efficiency electronics? How about levitating transportation? Faster supercomputers? Duh-duh-nuh-nuh!!! Superconductors to the rescue! As long as the world you live in is close to absolute zero, that is. See, superconductors are materials with all of these amazing potential applications…but the conditions required for them to work are pretty extreme. It’s gonna take a […]


Hi this is Carl the landscape guy, today i will show you how solar cells are being installed. The modules will be mounted on a 30 by 30 foot flat roof, with a system that also works with a green roof. You can also use this easily on smaller garage roofs or even on slightly […]

Going Solar Part 1 – Installing a 4kW PV Array at the Automated Home

having watched the price of solar panels steadily fall over the last few years and seeing a drop in incentives on the horizon we decided to pull the trigger on a system for the automated home. Whilst we could have mounted some panels on the south-facing roof at the front of the house, they wouldn’t […]

How do Electric Transmission Lines Work?

In the past, power generating plants were only able to serve their local areas. Electricity didn’t have far to travel between where it was created and where it was used. Since then, things have changed, and most of us get our electricity from the grid, huge interconnected areas of power producers and users. As power […]