3 Stocks to Buy in January 2020 – Potential Multibagger Stocks

Hi, welcome to 3 Stocks to Buy monthly series. In this video, we’ll explore 3 potential multibagger stocks to buy in January 2020. Also, at the end of the video, I’ll share a simple but very effective exit strategy. The first stock on our list is Adani Green Energy. The NSE stock symbol is ADANIGREEN. […]

Now Indians do Not Need a Visa For Brazil

Earlier Indians had to go through rigorous visa process to enter Brazil. Now Indians won’t require a visa to travel to Brazil. The visa process has been made very easy. Brazil’s President, Jair Bolsanaro said that Chinese and Indian tourists won’t need a visa to come to Brazil. Indian tourists and business personnel will now […]

TESLA NEWS: Consumer Reports on Model X, Keep it S3XY, powering an island, Tesla stock, more!

Consumer Reports has recently given a very underwhelming review to the Model X which was expected. Model X was launched with a number of glitches due to its revolutionary design and therefore complexity. Much like with Model S, most issues have been worked out by the end of its first year. Elon Musk has tweeted […]

“Solar for Snow” by Vagner – American Made Solar Prize Entry Ready!

Hi. We have designed the first solar panel optimized specifically for snow. In our climate, we expect to lose 10-16% of our annual power output due to snow. We’re not alone. But there’s currently no good solution. The recommended fix is just to wait. Other options are either really expensive, primitive, or dangerous. We have […]

U.S. set to extend license allowing firms to do business with Huawei

the US has likely to issue a two-week extension of a license that allows companies to continue doing businesses with Huawei according to sources cited by Reuters the Trump administration is said to announce the decision on Monday local time when the previous 90-day extension expires a longer extension is reportedly being drawn up but […]

Why!? Yemeni Missile Hits UAE’s Nuclear Plant in Abu Dhabi.

The Barakah nuclear plant in the UAE capital city came under attack by Yemen’s cruise missile, the Arabic-language Al-Masireh television reported. The Yemeni popular forces had earlier said that they had fired a cruise missile towards the UAE. The 30-billion-dollar Barakah nuclear power plant is located in Abu Dhabi and it generates electricity at a […]

Петиція про заборону імпорту російської електроенергії з’явилася на сайті Президента

To ban importation of Russian electric energy Respective petition has appeared on the President’s website. In the last four years, Ukraine has not bought a single Kremlin’s kilowatt. It has been banned to buy it under bilateral contracts. Vira Sverdlyk was trying to find out what has changed and most importantly who changed the status […]

CES 2012 – Schick Hydro Power Select – News by www.geekshive.com

Today we are unveiling the Schick Hidro 5 Power Select It’s the new power razor that we are having in stores in a couple of weeks We are really excited about it because it is the first world power razor that has three diffrent levels of vibration, no other power razor has it on the […]

Concept Green SPS-1220W Solar Powered Generator with 2x10W Solar Panels

SPS-1220W Hey guys, I’m Shanley and today I’m going to show you this Concept Green Solar Powered generator. This generator converts solar energy to ac/dc voltage and usb outputs with easy setup and maintenance; it just has a plug and play operation. It has 3 usb ports built in and the charging times are 9 […]

TESLA NEWS: Faraday Future FF91, Gigafactory is full power, 2016 deliveries, TSLA stock!

Tesla reported that it had delivered about 4,000 cars less than its goal for 2016. The company said that about 3,000 extra cars were produced and some even paid for but were not counted in year’s totals because of delivery hold ups. Tesla’s Gigafactory is now up to its full speed producing Powerwall 2 and […]