NASA Measures All the Sun’s Energy to Earth

Imagine that these 100 pennies represent the total energy input from the sun to Earth. That energy fluctuates over time. For a long time, scientists have known that the sun’s energy changes in a fairly regular “solar cycle”. The period from minimum to maximum and back to minimum is about eleven years, but even with […]

NASA: Why does the Sun Matter for Earth’s Energy Budget?

The Sun pumps out energy in all directions 24/7, and Earth soaks in it every day. Some of that energy gets absorbed– by the oceans, the land, the atmosphere– and some gets reflected back out into space. How much stays and how much goes is a function of Earth’s Energy Budget. Almost all of Earth’s […]

Parker Solar Probe–Mission Overview

The Sun. It’s the solar system’s engine, and the only star in the sky that gets our attention… every day. But up close, it’s unlike anything we can see from Earth. It’s ferocious— a writhing mass of nuclear chaos, tangled magnetic lines, and a constant wind with inconceivably high temperatures and speeds close to a […]