CEO Christian Kullmann explains Evonik’s role in MEA | Evonik

Hello, I’m Christian Kullmann, CEO of Evonik Industries. Evonik has a long history in the Middle East and Africa region. Our operations in the Middle East and Africa date back to the late 60s when we opened our first office in Egypt, and we are committed to supporting the growth of the region. Much of […]

Evonik invests into Meditool | Evonik

Surgery can be troubling, especially in a vital area such as the spine. Evonik’s polymer VESTAKEEP® can be used for implants. It has lots of advantages compared with metal. It is biocompatible and comparable to human bone in its elasticity. As a next step Evonik Venture Capital has invested in a Chinese 3-D-printing startup called […]

#ExploringEvonik: Powerful Berries | Evonik

Hi. I’m in Norway, surrounded by the most beautiful nature. And in Scandinavia lots of bilberries grow. Today I’d like to introduce you to someone who really has a crush on those little berries. Sjur, you really do love those berries, don’t you? Yes, they are fantastic. Actually it started 30 years ago at the […]

Introduction to Evonik Precision Livestock Farming | Evonik Animal Nutrition

Managing Livestock is getting more and more complex traditional approaches are not sufficient anymore With Precision Livestock Farming sensors and software help you to better understand your flock’s condition This allows you to optimize the yield of each flock BUT just understanding isn’t enough as well Evonik Precision Livestock Farming combines profound science-based know-how proven […]

We produce biogas particularly efficiently | Evonik

This is biogas refining without Evonik… … and this is biogas refining with Evonik. You might not see a difference, but our membrane technology serves as an exceptionally efficient method for biogas processing. Evonik has developed a cost- and energy-efficient process for converting crude biogas into ultrapure biomethane. And our process requires less energy and […]

Solar Panels and Renewable Energy

Rochester Regional Health is looking ahead to the year 2025 — by then, the health system hopes to have all of its electricity powered by renewable sources. The healthcare provider activated its onsite solar panel generators earlier this month at the Riedman campus. The sustainability initiative will be achieved in a three step approach. Reducing […]

Healing Puerto Rico’s Healthcare System with Solar Energy

[Music] the lights have been out at this Children’s Psychiatry clinic since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico how many patients are you usually servicing here [Music] administrator Sophia diamond shows us where critical support gave families hope that’s now silent much of the island is still in the dark like this Hurricane Maria devastated the […]

How America Changed Under Obama [A Data Analysis]

In 2008, Barack Obama was the change candidate. This is a data-driven look at how much America transformed during his eight years as our President. Pause or rewind the video if you need more time with any of the data. After spiking during the Great Recession, the unemployment rate is below 5% today. And the […]