Your Life in 2027: A Look at the Future | Vivek Wadhwa (Full Video)

So every technology I look at is now entering this exponential curve. Ray Kurzweil says that as any technology becomes information it starts advancing exponentially. It seems that everything is being digitized now and every technology I look at seems to be entering this exponential curve. And what happens is that when technology is advancing […]

What If Only One Baby Was Born in a Year

In the twelve seconds it takes me to finish this sentence, about fifty-five babies will be bored around the world. Probably 55 adults too. I have that effect on people sometimes…wait. Oh, that’s born not bored? Okay that’s different. Fifty-five babies will be born around the world. That’s three hundred and sixty thousand every day. […]

What Causes Sickle Cell…and How Are We Treating It?

Sickle cell disease is a group of inherited blood disorders. In fact, it’s the most commonly inherited blood disorder in the world affecting millions of people worldwide. Once upon a time Sickle Cell was almost impossible to live with but today, we know a lot more about it and it turns out, something as simple […]

Apply. Take off. Expand your business to Asia.

Imagine accessing a growing market of over two billion people… Just like you, Heikki, Marinus, Sandra, Shane and Thibault know their companies’ potential, yet they are aware of the challenges when internationalising a business. “There are many things, there’s the unknown of the region there’s language barriers”. “You don’t know the culture, you don’t know […]

Solar Panels and Renewable Energy

Rochester Regional Health is looking ahead to the year 2025 — by then, the health system hopes to have all of its electricity powered by renewable sources. The healthcare provider activated its onsite solar panel generators earlier this month at the Riedman campus. The sustainability initiative will be achieved in a three step approach. Reducing […]

Dubai: The Solar Tipping Point – DRONEWEEK – GE

Mohannad Esper: The sun is the most powerful energy source at our disposal. It provides enough renewable energy in just one hour to power all humankind’s activities for one year. We just need to figure out how to capture it. The United Arab Emirates is located in the Arabian Peninsula, and it’s very rich with […]