#ExploringEvonik: Powerful Berries | Evonik

Hi. I’m in Norway, surrounded by the most beautiful nature. And in Scandinavia lots of bilberries grow. Today I’d like to introduce you to someone who really has a crush on those little berries. Sjur, you really do love those berries, don’t you? Yes, they are fantastic. Actually it started 30 years ago at the […]

Reiki for the Heart Chakra/Reiki Healing/Energy Healing

Hi everyone. This is Lourdes and Justin with another Reiki video. Today’s video is for the Heart Chakra. So, please sit back and relax. Thank you. Thank you everyone. For more information on Reiki, please go to www.RestRelaxationandReiki.com Thank you.

Amazing Energy Facts To Blow Your Mind

Energy is pretty amazing! So amazing that as a species we use around 15 terawatts at any given moment! That’s equivalent to 15 trillion watts. Consider this average light bulb which consumes roughly 100 watts. One single terawatt could power 10 billion of them at the same time. Of the world’s energy, the US consumes […]