Heizen mit Strom: Ineffizient! – Tutorial – Heating with Electricity: inefficient!

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DIY Ductless Mini Split Install – MrCool Unit

so on my property I have this beautiful shed that really isn’t being used for anything other than miscellaneous store is for odds-and-ends it’s such a shame because it looks much more like a tiny house rather than a normal shed with that I have decided to turn it into guest quarters so that when […]

Tampa Electric’s Energy Planner puts you in control of your energy costs

I don’t know how to control when my in-laws visit. I’m putting it up to 85°. But with Energy Planner from Tampa Electric I know I can control my energy usage whether they’re here, or not. It’s like living in Iceland. With Tampa Electric’s free Energy Planner you can control when and how electricity is […]

Man Living Off-Grid in His Incredible Self-Built Cabin

[Music playing] [Man walking through the forest] [Man throwing pieces of wood on a stack of wood] [Man chopping wood] Being off-grid, it’s not simple as people think. You just put your energy and your time into stuff that really matters to you. [Music Playing] When I decided to start this project, this place was […]

No Hot Water: Electric Water Heater Troubleshooting

Hi. This is Wayne from Sears Parts Direct. Today we’re going to provide some troubleshooting tips for an electric water heater that is not heating. Of course, the first thing to check is the power source. An electric water heater needs 240 volts of power to heat water. Check both house circuit breakers for the […]

Best radiant heat flooring system from 6 different solutions, water, electrical underfloor heating

Hello friends. Today i want to talk you about what types of warm floors exist. What is the differenceand, which type underfloor heating are best to use in each case. Let’s split the floor heating solution by heat source. There are floors – electric, heated from the electricalgrid, there are heated floors – air sourse, […]

Heating a small greenhouse with electricity (Lowest Watt heater) #Green #Gardening

alright so i’ll show you the best low-cost way to Heat small greenhouse This is a six-by-eight HarborFreight so we’re going to talk about heating a greenhouse in the winner on the cheap the lowest-cost that I’ve been able to come up with to heat this small 6×8 greenhouse, now I’ve added extra things in […]


Hi this is Carl the landscape guy, today i will show you how solar cells are being installed. The modules will be mounted on a 30 by 30 foot flat roof, with a system that also works with a green roof. You can also use this easily on smaller garage roofs or even on slightly […]

Home Solar Thermal Dirt Battery

In this video I’m going to explore the idea of making a battery that can store enormous amounts of energy for months from nothing more than common dirt. Simple Tek Technology Agriculture and Energy videos hitting the subscribe button tells YouTube these are the kind of videos you want to see more of. click the […]

Yellowknife cuts GHGs with Biomass District Energy System: 2018 Sustainable Communities Award winner

[Music] [Applause]>>Michael Auge: In Yellowknife, our winters are similar to the rest of Canada except for the fact that they are a lot colder, a lot longer, and a lot darker. The story I want to tell you today is about our quest to find a better heating source for the City of Yellowknife. Historically […]