Home Solar Thermal Dirt Battery

In this video I’m going to explore the idea of making a battery that can store enormous amounts of energy for months from nothing more than common dirt. Simple Tek Technology Agriculture and Energy videos hitting the subscribe button tells YouTube these are the kind of videos you want to see more of. click the […]

Yellowknife cuts GHGs with Biomass District Energy System: 2018 Sustainable Communities Award winner

[Music] [Applause]>>Michael Auge: In Yellowknife, our winters are similar to the rest of Canada except for the fact that they are a lot colder, a lot longer, and a lot darker. The story I want to tell you today is about our quest to find a better heating source for the City of Yellowknife. Historically […]

BYPASS VALVES ON S PLAN AND Y PLAN HEATING SYSTEMS – Short Cycling prevention – Plumbing Tips

– Hold tight. If you’ve come across this video trying to find out a bit more information about the bypass valves in your heating system, then great, we’re gonna cover them in seconds from now. Before we do, I’d please like to ask you to subscribe. We do loads of videos every week, and all […]

Free Energy Cold Fusion DIY Selfmade At Home – LENR – Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

I was asked to translate this video, so here it is. Hi there, I am Andi from behind the camera. We have news. Today we try some cold fusion in the pot. Here is a quick overview. This is all you need. 200ml of water 20g of sodium hydroxide a stainless steel mug or pot […]

Save $$$ with just eight items

– Hey guys, Dave from BC Hydro here. This week I’ve boxed up a special challenge for the Chengs and the Lords. Oh, and watch out for this week’s code word. Cheng family. – Hey Dave. – Hi Dave. – What’s up. – It’s challenge time. – Alright. – Alrighty. – Are you ready? – […]

The Harrison Family Makeover Continues With Solar Panels and a Tankless Water Heater

– [Announcer] Military Makeover is brought to you, in part, by ADT. We help protect what matters most. And by NBKC Bank, live boldly, bank simply. – The members of our nation’s military have a dedication to serve. But who serves them when they return home? Military Makeover is back in Kansas City, a city […]

33. Energy Resources, Renewable Energy

RONALD SMITH: Well, we’re going to finish up the course by talking about energy. It’s one of the primary–our need for energy is one of the primary ways that we interact with the environment, both draw resources from it, but also influence the environment. So I think it’s a fitting way to end up the […]

RighTime Energy Efficient Home Services

Our company provides heating, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, and solar services. Both install, replacement and service. We’re the fastest growing home service company in Southern California over the past 4 years. The reason why that is is because we have a lot of people out there they’re telling others about how great our services are […]

Could This New Method Store Summer Heat For Winter?

If you could steal the heat from the sun-rich summer and give it to the sun-poor winter, you could be the Robinhood of the world’s energy needs. Hey sunbeams, Trace here for DNews. Solar recently grabbed headlines when the Department of Energy found solar power generation employs more people than generating electricity from oil, coal, […]

Concentrators of solar energy

The paraboloid is 1.4 meters in diameter Paraboloids with a solid reflective surface have high sail, which requires a powerful support and a powerful tracking system Segmented concentrators have significantly less sail and less weight This greatly facilitates the very design and process of tracking the position of the sun Concentrator diameter of 1.7 meters […]