How to Make Electric Helicopter Dynamo (DC Motor)

How to Make Electric Helicopter Dynamo (DC Motor)

How NASA’s Rover Team Reimagined Mars 2020

NASA’s rovers on the surface of Mars are revealing answers to some of the biggest questions about our nearby planetary neighbor. And driving this rover – that is, on average, 225 million kilometers away from Earth – requires robust technology and years of development. And it’s about to get even more advanced with Mars 2020. […]

7 Extreme Transportation You Need To See

Welcome to TtI today. We are listing some of the world’s most amazing transportation stories. That are so large-scale They might make you feel like superman was orchestrating it all so sit back relax and enjoy this video my friend number one Bagger 288 The bagger 288 is a mining machine and Bucket-wheel excavator. It’s […]

How does a Helicopter fly ?

Helicopters are the true flying machines They can take off and land without the need for our runway They can hover in the air it can maneuver in any direction in a 360 degree space This video will unveil the complexity in science behind flying a helicopter After going through the physics behind the helicopter […]

The Future of Airplanes

These are the technological developments that will allow us to move ourselves and our cargo cheaper, greener, and faster, through the air, going forward. This is the future of flight. With the first all-electric twin-engine, self-powered aircraft successfully crossing the English Channel this month, and the ongoing effort of the Solar Impulse team to become […]