China to Mine the Moon for Helium-3 Advanced Nuclear Energy

China has a mission for the moon and that is to mine it especially for helium-3 in 2015 the United States passed the commercial space launch competitiveness Act of 2015 removing legal obstacles to extraterrestrial activity by foreign nations defying the Outer Space Treaty of 1979 China started gearing up in a hurry to be […]

Earth To Mars In 100 Days? The Power Of Nuclear Rockets

The Solar System is a really big place, and it takes forever to travel from world to world with traditional chemical rockets. But one technique, developed back in the 1960s might provide a way to dramatically shorten our travel times: nuclear rockets. Of course, launching a rocket powered by radioactive material has its own risks […]

3 Ways We Could Get Clean Energy from the Moon

[ ♪ Intro ] Climate change is happening, and some of its effects are already here. If we want to avoid the worst of them in the future, we’re going to need to stop pumping greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere. Within the next couple of decades, our energy will have to be 100% clean. We’ve […]