Charlotte North Carolina Lake Norman McGuire Nuclear Power Plant Reservoir Erosion Part 1

okay so I’m here in Charlotte North Carolina on the Google Maps and I just wanted to show you guys this right here I never knew that this existed but we are right here on Lake Norman Lake Norman is a reservoir north of Charlotte oh my dog is scratching his chin on the lower […]

Charlotte North Carolina Lake Norman McGuire Nuclear PowerPlant Reservoir Erosion WhiteWater Part 2

okay I ran out of memory memory so it was so funny somebody on YouTube at the same time that’s what they wrote so I don’t know I’m here to North Carolina talking about like Norman the minute McGuire nuclear station well they said something about energy but it’s a nuclear station up there right […]

PAANCHPOKHARI Sindhupalchok, Nepal – the closest thing to HEAVEN from Kathmandu

Some times ago, we had made a video on Panchpokhari (five lakes) of Ramechhap. which was loved by many of you. But it also caused some confusion because the more familiar Panchpokhari in in Sindupalchok. There are a lot of Panchpokharis all over Nepal. And all of them have their own appeal. Therefore, we have […]

Local Business Owner Supports Ohio’s Nuclear Plants

(quirky music) – We’re a family owned farm, fifth generation. We’ve been here since 1891. We’re one of three century farms here in Lake County, and we grow apples, peaches, pears, plums, nectarines, sweet corn, small vegetables. If the plant wasn’t here, the people would follow the work wherever it was. It may not necessarily […]

⌚️ Relógio G-SHOCK CASIO Mudmaster GWG-1000 – Unboxing PT-BR

Welcome to my channel I came here seethe Unboxing a watch I bought in fact it will not be the first time to open I received it today, but already open to see some things inside tava anxious to receive the product I bought the watch in the United States It was very good delivery […]

Дрон в реакторной АЭС!

Great view opens here Hi guys! Here is DroneAdventures And I am at the roof of Crimea nuclear power station it is one of the most expensive unfinished buildings of the world It was near 80% done but Chernobyl catastrophe happened then there was few incidents then building freezed Now it looks like this It […]

1280 Watts of Solar on RV Roof & Water Update

good morning guys Wayne’s driving us into town here in quartzite to get a few supplies for the solar install job today and the town looks a little different then you might see it in its hustle and bustle of like RTR times it’s dead in fact many of the stores that we were visiting […]

Power for Gokyo: how to build a hydro power plant in Himalayas

In a beautiful valley of Nepal at an altitude almost 5000 meters above sea level there is a small sherpa village called Gokyo. Every year thousands of tourists stay in lodges here: those who choose a scenic detour and prefer to avoid awful crowds on their way to mount Everest. Electricity is a luxury here. […]

DIY Custom Off The Grid Solar Electric System Build

(mellow hip hop music) – [Joshua] All right, everyone. We are doing the layout for the solar electric panels. I also dug the trench for the underground conduit, coming from each string. This is kinda where everything’s gonna get tapered into the building here. This is what we’re gonna be doing. We’re gonna be getting […]

Desert Boondocking, Solar Install Begins & Scorpions

yeah good morning everybody look at this place mountains in the distance been a while since I have been to Quartzsite Arizona that’s right and I have never visited here in the spring late March it is much different there are colorful flowers yellows purples it just looks much different than than the wintertime it’s […]