Developing the Most Efficient Solar Panels | DuPont™ Solamet® and Sharp Corporation

0:00:11:000,0:00:15:000>>Tetsuro Muramatsu: For Japanese people it is very important to coexist with nature. 0:00:21:500,0:00:32:500>>Nobuyuki Morioka: Solar energy has been my life’s work. I have installed panels for 40 years now. The power source at Tsubosaka Temple is one of many I have installed. 0:00:40:500,0:00:40:500>>Minoru Amoh: Together with Sharp, we are aiming to achieve the best […]

How fast will my solar panels lose their efficiency?

So what these guys are saying is after 25 years of being in the sun, panels are still at 80% of their rated output. But all these manufacturers build so much buffer into these warranties. That we’re seeing probably a 90% of your rated output after 25 years. So it’s just a very slow degradation […]