Highlights from UC Berkeley’s 2019 in under 3 minutes

2019 By the numbers 4 foot jump Nimble, high-flying robot Salto leaps over obstacles and onto campus 5,000 students Basic Needs Center supports over 5,000 students in first year 2 World Cups Cal Alumna Alex Morgan helps lead Team USA to her second FIFA Women’s World Cup trophy 3 teeter-totters Professor Ron Rael transforms US-Mexico […]

Solar probe touches the sun

(mysterious music) – [Narrator] The sun has sustained the earth, and fascinated humans since the beginning of time. And as our understanding of physics, and our space technology have advanced, so too, have scientists tried to tackle more questions about the sun, and its effects on the earth. On baffling matter has to do with […]

Berkeley’s solar car “Zephyr” could drive until the sun dies

(modern music) – [Andrew] CalSol is the UC Berkeley Solar Vehicle Team. It’s a group of primarily undergraduate students that designs, builds, tests, and races solar vehicles. These are street legal vehicles that will go on actual highways. We have license plates for them. Zephyr is our eighth generation solar vehicle. This is the eighth […]

This water harvester can turn desert air into drinkable water

– (electronic music) – In our latest work, we have the next generation water harvester. This can work out in the desert where there’s no supply of energy aside from sunlight. – What it does is that it collects water from the atmosphere to very dry conditions and then releases it so we can harvest […]

Stanford Course – Solar Cells

[music] Hi, my name is Mike McGehee. Thank you for taking my course on solar cells. In the beginning we’ll take a look at what solar cells can do and talk about what the cost needs to be for them to compete economically. Then I’ll tell you a little bit about the science of solar […]

New Discoveries in Solar Power Technology

So we fabricate in this lab water are called solar photovoltaics. And most people have seen on rooftops solar panels. And usually they’re made out of silicon, they’re kind of big and bulky. It turns out that most of the cost in setting up a solar power system is related to the fact that these […]

Solar Power

CROWD: “Three-two-one solar power! (SHORT APPLAUSE) BILL BESSETTE/REPORTING: “The future’s so bright at Madison College…” CROWD: “Wooo!” BILL: “You gotta wear shades.” STEVEN ANSORGE/MADISON COLLEGE STUDENT SENATE PRESIDENT: “This college is providing the educational environment needed to build a better future.” BILL: “Madison College’s rooftop solar installation – the largest in Wisconsin – not only […]