A Stress Free Solar Guarantee

It’s time to check in with Approved Home Pros Your high electric bills are stressful enough that going solar should be one less thing you have to worry about thankfully Brian Milholland from SunPower by Milholland Electric has made the process extremely easy so thanks for being with me to share this information thanks for […]

Best radiant heat flooring system from 6 different solutions, water, electrical underfloor heating

Hello friends. Today i want to talk you about what types of warm floors exist. What is the differenceand, which type underfloor heating are best to use in each case. Let’s split the floor heating solution by heat source. There are floors – electric, heated from the electricalgrid, there are heated floors – air sourse, […]

Electricity Bill Goes From $700 to $1.77 with HERO Program HVAC Financing

I’m Duane Baker and this is my wife, Mary. We’re here in Temecula, California. Our air conditioning system needed to be replaced. It had been repaired twice already and was getting ready to go again. Our old system was so inadequate. I would struggle with shutting it off at night when it was still very […]

Installing Tree Up-Lighting | The Home Depot

Hi, I am Steven from the Home Depot Community and today I’m going to show you how to install uplighting for your trees. It’s a great way to add dimension to your yard at night and add an unexpected touch to your landscape. If you’ve never worked with power packs or lighting kits before, don’t […]

How to Monitor Your Home’s Energy Usage | Sense Energy Monitor Install & Review

California Blackouts: How To Stay Safe Amid PG&E Power Outages | NBC News Now

The Harrison Family Makeover Continues With Solar Panels and a Tankless Water Heater

– [Announcer] Military Makeover is brought to you, in part, by ADT. We help protect what matters most. And by NBKC Bank, live boldly, bank simply. – The members of our nation’s military have a dedication to serve. But who serves them when they return home? Military Makeover is back in Kansas City, a city […]

1. Solar Installation Process – Initial Consultation by Green Solar Technologies

Your free phone consultation will provide us the opportunity to inform you about Green Solar Technologies and answer any questions you may have about solar. We’ll go over exactly how solar will save you money as well as the added benefits of GST’s solar process. During this time you will be well acquainted with your […]