Build Your Own DIY Homemade Solar Panels With Earth4Energy Guide

I’d like to welcome you to my video review of Earth4Energy, whcih is a guide to build homemade power systems, including solar power systems and wind power systems. In this review I’m going talk the 4 main parts of the Earth4Energy system, that’s the Earth4Energy ebook, the how to video series, the bio-diesel ebook, and […]

Home Solar Panels – Top 10 Tips for Buying

– When I got solar panels for my home, I learned a lot of things. Today, I wanna tell you the top 10 things I learned that can help you as you look at solar panels for your home. Are you thinking about getting solar panels? If so, leave a comment, answer yes or no. […]

Solar Power Myths: Can you save money by going off-grid?

Hi, this is Amy from the altE Store. Well, as you can imagine, there are a lot of myths out here on the internet that need busting. So we’re doing a whole series of solar myths for you. You can see more in our playlist here. Here’s a myth. You can save money by going […]

Can California Homeowners Association Keep Me From Going Solar? – #58

hello internet and welcome back to pick my solar live I am Patrick Crowley your former co-host today your host and I’m joined with by Andrew Bare my esteemed colleague for a deep dive yet again today’s deep dive oops gotta go back one is deep dive number 58 we’re gonna be talking about California […]

How Much Solar Do I Need For a 2000 SqFt. Home?

Hi. I’m Amy at the altE Store. Probably the most frequently asked question we get here is, “How much solar does it take to power my 2,000 sqft home?” My answer is always the same. “I don’t know. How much power do you use?” I’m not trying to be flip, I honestly don’t know. The […]

Are solar panels worth it for your Westchester NY home? Client testimonial video for SunBlue Energy

I had investigated a number of other avenues for saving money and reducing my energy consumption I replaced the windows in the house, I considered switching over to gas from oil but the biggest bang for my buck is definitely been the solar panels the folks some Sun blue were really great answered all my […]

Why Get Solar Panels (Home Solar Panel System)

Ron Lyons: In this video, I answer the million-dollar question of the century, “Why get solar panels,” with the three most compelling reasons you should consider a home solar panel system. Stick around to the end of the video, because I share with you the costly mistake most people make when going solar that you […]

How Home Solar Power System Works

How Home Solar Power Systems Work(DIY Home Solar Power System/DIY Solar Panels For Home) Solar power is the most abundant renewable energy resource we have available on earth. Solar generated electricity is created by using technology field-tested and improved upon since the 19th century. When sunlight hits the module on a solar photovoltaic or PV […]