Are Solar Panels Worth It? You Won’t Believe Alan’s Story About His Solar Installation!

So, Are Solar Panels Worth it? In short, yes! This is Alan’s Solar Story. Hello my name is Alan Norman and I live here in Huntington Beach and today Semper Solaris is installing solar on my home. The reason I’m going with solar is the new rates have increased quite significantly August obviously air conditioners […]


We finally did it y’all. Solar panels! Hey y’all! Welcome back to my YouTube channel, where I show you how to effectively use smart technology, vegan food, and sustainable travel & lifestyle habits to live an adventurously green life. In this video, I’m sharing with you that we finally got solar panels. Our last update […]

#57 – Roof Replacement After Solar Panel Installation

oh right all right happy Friday welcome back everybody got a pretty fun topic here with our Facebook live as always Rex Kehoe Patrick Crowly joining you here today we are going to be talking about whether or not to basically re-roof or what happens if you have to replace your roof when you go […]

Why Get Solar Panels (Home Solar Panel System)

Ron Lyons: In this video, I answer the million-dollar question of the century, “Why get solar panels,” with the three most compelling reasons you should consider a home solar panel system. Stick around to the end of the video, because I share with you the costly mistake most people make when going solar that you […]

Solar Panels For Home

The benefits of solar energy are obvious. I don’t think anyone can argue that it’s not amazing to generate your electricity from the power of the sun, but the biggest question is often cost. Will the savings you gain from solar really pay for the cost of installing the system in the first place? And […]